In Lewis Carrolls, ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’, there are many characters that can easily be related to real life applications. They all contain individual characteristics that are applicable to different personality traits. Each character exhibits qualities that are common within society, demonstrated in the most extreme form. Between the three most important characters in the story, Alice, The Cheshire Cat, and The Queen of Hearts, I closely resemble that of The Queen of Hearts.

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In the story, The Queen of Hearts, is seen as the overall ruler of Wonderland. She is the one who controls and influences all of the other aspects of the mystical world. In comparison to myself, as well as most people, we all like to assume that we are in control and influence the factors around us. I like to assume that I am a lesser form of a governing party over my group of friend and have an impact over the forces that affect my day-to-day life.

The Queen of Hearts is so dominant in the story that she spreads fear to the other characters in Wonderland. People are intimidated by her because she carries a sense of authority that she may or may not really even have. In the story, when encountered with an opposing character, she simply summits them to be executed without looking into the situation for further knowledge and understanding. The very knowledge that someone can have that ability, sends the feeling of powerlessness to the other characters as they cower in fear of her.

I am definitely not saying that I see myself as someone who should be feared, but this comparison brings to light factors that demonstrate how certain behaviors can be perceived to others. I act irrational at times, commanding “executions” of people in my life, even without fully realizing that it is what I am doing. Being temperamental and throwing out every bit of knowledge and understanding of situations, in hopes of intimidating my opposition into backing down.

Even though The Queen of Hearts may have had good intentions with the characters, she acts as the agitator and presents more conflict to Alice that anything else. She works to overwhelm characters into a sense of uselessness, endless uncertainty and confusion. I see this quality a great deal in myself. Sometimes the intentions are good, but I may handle situations in the wrong way which may lead to agitation and the creation of conflict to other people.

It is never easy to admit defeat; especially with the people who are the closest to you. Much like The Queen of Hearts, the majority of her existence is only a show and not reality. This is presented in the story when Alice discovers that when the Queen of Hearts summits someone to execution, they are never really executed. Alice begins putting together that the dominance the Queen has over the other characters is merely by perception and not her actual power. Alice begins to understand that she is only a playing card. I am only a person, who will make mistakes, doesn’t like to admit defeat and unknowingly exerts dominance over other people. Sometime I may need a reminder that I have no control over factors that play an influence over my life and I certainly cannot control other people.

The Queen of Hearts is the symbol of the imaginary world. She is powerless in its entirety and relies on others perceptions of her to succeed in Wonderland. I am powerless in my world that I live in and like everyone else also does, I rely on others to form opinions of me that play in my favor, but essentially I am nothing different that everyone else. In The Queen of Hearts case, that perception is intimidation and fear. Without the other characters fearing her, she is a playing card and only a playing card.