The Dawes Severalty Act was initiated and adopted in 1887. Through the Act, the Congress gave the American president the authority to take surveys on the tribal land in the United States and then give it to the Indians in reservations and allotments. The Indians allocated the land and world accept it in order to live outside the tribal confines were allowed to become citizens of the United States.Plessy v. Ferguson is an 1896 Supreme Court ruling that occurred in America, and it is perceived to be of major significance in the legal and social platforms. The ruling was made in favor of upholding the legal position of the racial segregation state laws as applied to all American public facilities. The constitutionality of the ideology is embedded in the ‘Separate but equal’ philosophy.
The 14th amendment of the year 1868 was an elemental legislation in regard to the reconstruction process in the United States. The amendment was initiated by the slavery of the Civil War slavery, and it is about citizenship rights and equal protection. The amendment was elemental towards giving the blacks rights like other citizens.
The Social Security Act started in 1935, and its creation was initiated by President Roosevelt during his first presidential; term. The Act was adopted by Congress with a major aim of casting bounds on the American life characterized by modernity, and it covered the unemployment, poverty and old age perspectives. This was the first initiative in the history of America to give the elderly federal assistance.
Muckraker is a term that is associated with American history after 1900 in the progressive era time, and it extended until the advent of the First World War. The term is associated with journalists whose major aim was to advance reforms in the country, and they led to the emergence of investigative work through the use of their journalists tools. This was essential towards promoting social justice.
The Wagner (National Labor Relations) Act was adopted in 1935 and is perceived to be the most elemental legislation in the 20th century associated with the labor entity. The aim objective of the legislation the establishment of workers’ legal rights through their mobilization to be part of labor unions to champion for their needs.
Little Bighorn battle occurred in 1876in the territory of Montana. The Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux warriors engaged the federal troops, and this was motivated by the Native American territory lands gold discovery. The federal army was defeated by the victories warriors, and several causalities were recorded from the engagement.
The Seneca Falls settlement started in the 1790s by the white settlers. This led to the start of the Seneca Falls convention that was associated with the rights of women and it was started in 1840 in London and the major aim of the convenient is to champion for gender equality and strategic considerations to the special needs of the women in the society. Tis was the structural basis along which the rights of women are embedded.
Thomas Edison was an American businessman and inventor who initiated various business and social entities. He was born in 1847 and passed on in 1931 having conquered the global scale through laying massive influence on the lives of the people. Some of the inventions by the Edison include electrical bulbs and cameras that embraced the massive use of the skill. His works formed the foundation for more creativity and innovations across the world.
Schenck v. United States occurred in 1919, and it is a constitutional case in the Supreme Court of America with a challenge that was the first Amendment to enhance the freedom of speech perspective. The case was elemental towards the creation of the ways in which the United States decides free speech cases.

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