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American Civil War

The Civil War

The advent and progression of the civil war was a typical representation of what Jomini had written don in his book. According to the textbook authored by Jomini, maneuver and position are very critical towards acquiring victories in battles. In order to take full control of the battlefield, the commander...

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American Heritage

The Battle of Fort Sumter marked the start of the Civil War in America in 1861. The civil war was characterized by disagreements between the southern and the northern states over the issue of slavery. This paper analyzes the issue of slavery in the US and the events that led...

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The Good and Bad Following Reconstruction

The Military Reconstruction Act refers to a series of Acts that were passed by the Congress between 1866 and 1867 containing a set of conditions that were required of former Confederate States in the south to be admitted back into the union after the civil war (American Historama, 2017). The...

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Reconstruction: Success or Failure?

The reconstruction was a time of rebuilding that is considered, by some, to be a time of great progress in terms of race relations and civil rights. Not every shares this vision of the reconstruction as a time of jubilation. Some scholars argue that it was a complete failure. This...

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Reconstruction – was it a success?

The Reconstruction process which America’s Southern States underwent in the aftermath of the Civil war was a success in terms of social reform, one example of this is being that hundreds of thousands of freed slaves had access to a basic education. Politically, this period in US history was also...

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