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American Civil War

Lee, Grant, and Responses to Emancipation and Union Victory

Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant were both great military minds and tenacious fighters who came to have great respect for each other throughout their long campaign throughout Virginia at the tail end of the Civil War. All accounts describe Lee’s concession to Grant to have been a cordial...

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Peculiarities Of Industrialization After The Civil War

The second industrial revolution or industrialization after the civil war, is regarded as the period after the Civil War and Reconstruction era which was marked by great economic change fuelled by a shift from a predominantly agrarian society to and industrial one. The change was fuelled by various elements including...

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The Impact of the American Civil War on Civilian Populations

The role of civilians in the American Civil War is oftentimes overshadowed by stories of battle and military techniques employed by Union and Confederate officers. However, their place within the historical narrative should certainly not be overlooked. From the agricultural to the industrial to the medical worlds, the war affected...

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Slavery And The War Between The States

In America, every individual has the right to freedom, equality, and education although a significant number of African Americans were tortured with no access to education, no equality in accessing resources, and lack freedom. Slavery is an institution that results in a violation of human rights, which should be abolished...

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Civil War Assignment

Response 1 The Western Theatre was a major milestone in the history of American civil war. One of the major hallmarks of the military action was that it involved many states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida. The civil was the result of...

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