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American culture

How Did King Tutankhamen Die?

Tutankhamen is popularly known as “King Tut.” The Egyptian pharaoh died at a young age. He assumed power at age nine and died ten years later. Since his tomb was discovered in 1922, multiple theories have been developed concerning the cause of death. His death at such a young age...

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Walt Disney Essay

The success of the Walt Disney Company, founded in 1923, has long been based in creating family-friendly intellectual properties, such as Mickey Mouse, and producing innovative animated films that appealed to as large an audience as possible (Voight et al., 2017). The initial success Disney was able to establish in...

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Roaring Tactfully

It is not always about what is said, but how one says it. The use of language that is intentionally chosen to target a certain audience improves success and understanding, as well as gives meaning to all communication. In today’s world, this is easily identified in popular culture. Television shows...

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Rereading America Questions

The students see school as boring and repetitive there are many reviews and after hearing about the same things, it is boring. Add to this the amount of standardized testing that we are currently putting students through and expecting all students to perform the same like they are robots it...

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Jewish American Culture

Jewish American culture represents a cultural heritage based upon ethnicity, religion and a surprisingly diverse heritage. While many people may be quick to label all Jewish people as similar, this is most certainly not the case. Jewish American culture depends upon a number of factors. These include the type of...

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