The god identified is Romantica, and she is the goddess responsible for creating perfect, romantic love and happiness for men and women of all orientations. She is a female who is ageless; sometimes she appears as a young woman, and sometimes as female of advanced age. Physically, however, she always appears as very attractive, although she is never beautiful. At all ages, she is pleasing to look at but ordinary. She is often mistaken by her worshipers, in fact, because she seems to be just another woman. Romantica lives mainly within cyberspace, but she has been seen in electronic media such as films and TV movies. Many do not know that she can take human form, which she does on occasion. Most of the time, however, she is known to be present when people interact online in dating sites. She will often present a small icon of herself in flashes on screens at these times.

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Romantica was born in the late 1990s, when the Internet was established as extremely popular. Her birth occurred in Silicon Valley, in California, but much of it remains a mystery. As far as anyone knows, she emerged fully grown in a Starbucks, and was created when several laptops touched each other. This was not witnessed by anyone at the time, and the knowledge of her as a goddess was begun when she guided several customers in creating their dating profiles. On that day, word was spread that a new goddess could be seen. Several customers reported the miracle of receiving hundreds of wonderful responses to their profiles when Romantica touched their keyboards, and the reality of her swept the nation. Those first worshipers of her also reported that she gave them the gift of absolute belief in finding absolute and perfect love.

Over time, it became accepted that Romantica is married, anything else being unthinkable. Her myth has her as having been once involved in a long relationship with Domain, the god of the Internet itself. Romantica, however, did not feel perfect and constant happiness, so she moved on and has since been married to Ego, the god of Personal Entitlement. As he is happy taking care of himself and seeing to all his own needs through the worship of many, Romantica is free to supervise searches for love for Americans, and reinforce their belief that they deserve and will find romantic perfection.

These Americans worship in consistent and small ways. It is always private, and the man or woman sits at their computer or device and, before logging into a dating site, speaks the prayer: Romantica, bring me the perfect and unchanging love that is my right as an American. She has several symbols, but the most common are the bottle of champagne and the sunset. Importantly, Romantica has hundreds of millions of worshipers, many of whom do not admit to the devotion. There is also a population that believes she is either a fantasy or a demon.