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American Literature

St. Augustine’s Confessions

It is easy to relate to St. Augustine’s Confessions, particularly when Augustine speaks about the death of his friend (Augustine, 2001). Two parts of his recollection stood out to me. The first was the passage in which he talks about putting too much stock in a friendship and loving a...

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“The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop

The poem The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop combines both an everyday experience and a feeling that approaches an almost mystical ecstasy. Indeed, the central thrust of the poem lies in the way in which Bishop is able to generate this intensity of feeling out of careful interaction the details an...

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“Reason” – Isaac Asimov

In Isaac Asimov’s famed short story, Reason, the narrator plays a significant role. As with most short stories, the narrator is not just telling the story, but rather, is shaping the action and influencing the way in which the reader understands the plot, the characters, and the overall reality in...

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One Art: Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth's Bishop “One Art” is a poem that contain an apparently resigned and uninterested registration of the nature of loss as something that naturally occurs throughout the course of a life time. Throughout the poem, this loss is treated as both a fixed and an abstract quality which pervades one's...

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Robert Frost vs Walt Whitman

In “The Road Not Taken,” Frost opens the poem in the first stanza with an apology for not being able to travel both roads. The tone of the apology suggests it is a prelude for a wise life lesson. By stanza two, the descriptive sight word “grassy” is used as...

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