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American Literature

The Scarlet Letter

In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote an intriguing story set in Boston during the time of the Puritans. The story revolves around the character of Hestor Prynne, who gives birth to a daughter, Pearl, out-of-wedlock. She is married, but living separately from her husband and is therefore found guilty...

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“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Play

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams tells the story of one family during a single evening, with the result being that the events of that brief period portray a microcosm of the themes that characterize this group of people. Lies and deceit pervade the family life of...

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Night by Elie Wiesel

What is the author’s perception of his work? In the preface, the author explains that of all his works, Night is the most important one. It is the epitome of his work as a writer. (p. 3) What human qualities does Wiesel appeal to? He appeals to compassion. In the...

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Night: Section Five

Essential Question: What happened to Elie and his father during the evacuation from Bona? Key Terms and Characters: Buchenwald was another concentration camp where the remaining prisoners were evacuated. Rabbi Elihahu was a priest from Poland who had earned everyone’s respect in Buna. He was especially good at bringing peace...

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Night: Conflict Chart

Directions: Use the chart below to record examples of the different types of conflict you read about in Night CONFLICT EXAMPLE FROM THE TEXT CHANGE IN ELIE CHARACTER VS. NATURE Pages 92-98 Several scenarios are present in chapter 6 and 7. They include the following; Prisoners were using their fellows’...

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