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American Literature

The Shining Thread of Hope

Introduction The Shining Thread of Hope is book outlining the social relationships of men and women in the ancient America. The clearly outlines and postulates the ways through which women have contributed to the historic development of America in the past. Sociologically the book critically analyzes the status of women...

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Reflection On Logotherapy: Concentration Camp Experience

In Man's Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl provides a relevant account of his concentration camp experience in which the indescribable horror of Nazi death camps revives in the mind of the reader. The introduction of the concept of logotherapy indicates the author's concern with finding an explainable meaning of the...

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Horror in the Mind: The Psychological Approaches of Poe and Straub

While Edgar Allan Poe is usually acknowledged as an early master of horror in fiction, it would be more accurate to say that he is a master of horror effect. One of the reasons Poe's horror stories endure, in fact, is likely due to his emphasis, not on awful detail...

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Maya Angelou vs. Alice Walker

Alice Walker and Maya Angelou are among the present day African-American writers. They are both well known for articulating issues relating to African Americans in their works. Comparing the two writers, there are several notable similarities and differences both in their life as well as well as in their writings....

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“The Rise of Our East African Empire” Analysis

The crucial “Social Darwinist” element of Lugard’s “The Rise of Our East African Empire” is arguably the desire expressed in the text to “civilize” the African. Namely, Lugard, by stating the mission of civilization of the African, confers a value to civilization. He construes Christian and European civilization as the...

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