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American Literature

Pygmalion Study

The 1965 experiment, “Pygmalion in the classroom,” was conducted by Rosenthal and Jacobson to determine one educational reality: to what extent the teacher's expectations of student progress actually encourages intellectual development. To that end, the authors informed the teachers at the Oak School that such development is verified by the...

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Slaughterhouse-Five And The Failure Of The American Dream

The book written by Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five, is difficult to rank in the contemporaneous literature, as it can be considered as sci-fi, as well as an anti-war literature and autobiography, as well as a critique of the concept of American dream. The author tells the story of a young man...

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Pearl and the Scarlet Letter

In the first chapter of the Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne himself mentioned his fascination with the “mysterious symbol” (Hawthorne, 29). Indeed, there are many symbols contained within this work, none of which is more prominent than the child named Pearl. Pearl was conceived through an adulterous liaison between her mother, Hester...

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Edgar Allan Poe

Among the many historic and cultural centers across Richmond is the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, dedicated to the famous American writer who spent a large portion of his life in Richmond. Much of the museum focuses on the life of Poe and his collected work while highlighting the relationship that...

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Nguyen’s Stealing Buddha’s Dinner

In Stealing Buddha’s Dinner Nguyen describes the most typical of all American experiences growing up in the Midwest. She describes cold and snowy days and belting out Air Supply. Her context is however very unique, as it is mixed with Vietnamese and Mexican influences that are somehow both exotic and...

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