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American Movies

Giant Movie

Introduction 1956's Giant is both an epic Western and an American classic. It traces the lives of Jordan and Leslie Benedict from their courtship to when their children are grown, and moving into independent lives of their own. At the same time, the film also expands to address the changing...

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Evaluating the Crisis in Sully: Coping Methods and Ways to Develop Resiliency

This paper reviews the crisis presented in the 2016 movie Sully. The crisis being discussed is that of the protagonist’s development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms after experiencing the horrific event of a plane (which he is piloting) losing function in both engines, forcing Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger to...

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Annie Hall

From the opening scene of Annie Hall, which was released in 1977, Woody Allen makes it clear to his audience that the film is about the main character Alvy’s personal recollection of his past relationship with a woman named Annie. Annie Hall incorporates a number of off-kilter narrative techniques that...

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Movie Review of Becoming American

The short film “Becoming American” is about immigrants that come to America. They tend to be healthier than native-born citizens of the United States. The main point of the film is that the more time these immigrants spend in America, the unhealthier they become. Why is that? Well, we do...

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Reckless Moment by Max Ophuls

‘Reckless moment’ is a 1949 melodrama film directed by Austrian director Max Ophuls. The melodrama is a deep and emotional critique of the life of the middle-class American at the time of its action. Unlike many other melodramas, the film incorporates a good amount of content that is directly related...

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