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American Movies

1960s Movies

It seems that films of the 1960s were unique to the decade in a way unlike any other time period. Everything about most of them reflects, in one way or another, the changes that were taking place in American society, and in Hollywood as well. More than anything, and as...

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The Big Heat Movie

What is justice and evilness? This question remained in my head after watching “The Big Heat,” directed in 1953 by Fritz Lang. The film tells the story of a policeman named Bannion as he investigated a murder case that involved a dangerous criminal syndicate. Sadly, his wife died because of...

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Guys and Dolls Summary

This refers to a musical performance whose music and the lyrics were done by Frank Loesser. The book was written by Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling. This music is centered on the two short stories that were written by Runyon Damon by the tittle “The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown”...

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Foiling the Unknown: The Discovering of Self in Boys Don’t Cry and She’s Not There

In Kimberly Peirce’s film, Boys Don’t Cry we watch as Brandon Teena continually teeters on a narrow ridge of “self”-awareness and “self”-denial. We watch him dress and perform the “self” of his mind, while actively stripping down the exterior world to its simplest and most innocuous potential, denying the reality...

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The Simpsons Analysis

The animated television series The Simpsons is a wonderful portrayal of the stereotypes and typical lifestyles of middle class American suburbia, and can be used to illustrate a number of key social theories and trends. Through the individuality and imperfectness of the characters, the show writers were left with a...

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