Equipment required for the deployment
The necessary equipment required so as to make the inventory system efficient and complete include:
A computer which will act as the server and as the POS and inventory management system.
A bar code scanner to scan serialized items in the store.
A printer (It can be a thermal printer or a normal printer)

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The costs involved in the creation of the system
The following is a breakdown of the cost that will be incurred in the development of the inventory system;
Preliminary costs in planning and development
We will need to cater for the minor expenses that will be incurred by the development team.
There is a need to study the system and come up with an efficient system that will be tailored to meet the needs of your company. There are small costs for logistics and materials that will be incurred in the preliminary stages. These costs will be maintained at a minimum to avoid the influx on the budget so that the total costs can be as minimal as possible.

Purchase of hardware
The system will need to run on a 32-bit machine running windows 7 operating system. The machine does not have to be brand new hence we can source for a refurbished machine so as to minimize the cost of deploying the system. We will need a thermal printer to print the receipts for customers, reports of periodic sales and the necessary documents that require physical documentation.

Licensing of the software
The license fees stipulated for the small inventory management system is meant to provide sustainability to the development and maintenance of the software. The charges will be about $ 50 which is very low compared to the market standards.

Maintenance that will be required on the system
Checking for bugs and errors in the system
After installation and configuration of the software in the store, it is important that the system be checked for bugs and errors in terms of accuracy if information and the integrity of data. There is a need to check the accuracy of interlinked data and the output in the form of reports that will detail the activities of the users login in.

Updating the software to include new features
The maintenance will also include minor updates that will be made on the system to include new features and to adjust the ones that seem fully compatible with the store operations.

Making a review of the system
It is very important to carry out a review of the inventory cycle in the system to see which areas need to the enhanced so as to increase efficiency in the system.

Carrying out an audit of the system
There has to be a stock reconciliation procedure after every verification of stock in the store. This is done to check for correct stock levels and also allows for verification of all the stock items. This activity also helps to avoid or unearth theft if it has already occurred. An audit report to check on the accuracy of the system when compared to the real time data.

Adjustments on the reorder levels because of variations in seasons
Adjustments on reorder levels and reorder quantities because the sale of clothes vary with seasons that means the reorder level changes with variations in the shopping seasons hence there is a need to adjust the levels accordingly.