Motivation, performance, and satisfaction work together like a team. When I know I need to complete a task, but if there is no motivation, the performance would not be on point, so as the satisfaction level. On the other hand, if there is motivation for me to complete a task, the performance will showcase my ability and the satisfaction level increases. In short, these three elements work hand-in-hand together; it causes a chain reaction when one fails.

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According to “An Integrated Model of Individual Motivation to Work”, “personal value of rewards” helps create “motivation”, which produces “individual attributes, work effort [, and] organizational support”. These three elements composed to “performance”. “Performance” earns “performance contingency of rewards” and/or “personal value of rewards”, which equals to “equity comparison”. Finally, “satisfaction” is granted and creates “motivation” once again. The cycle repeats over and over again. This is just the theory of how this model works. Let’s put it into real situations.

As a College Freshmen, two of my most important goals are to complete my degree and find a job as my career. Completing the two mentioned will grant me “satisfaction”. This “satisfaction” is one way to give me the “motivation”. However, my “personal value of rewards”, such as enhancing my knowledge in my discipline (study) will also motivate me. As I got motivated, I can perform my best in my classes and study as hard as I can to produce my best performance in achieving my goals. With my “performance contingency of rewards” (granted a degree with a diploma and/or found a dream job) and my “personal value of rewards” (qualify to get hired at an ideal job), I would be satisfied (happy and proud of myself). The more I can achieve the higher satisfaction I get.

In conclusion, motivation, performance, and satisfaction work hand-in-hand together. The higher the satisfaction level, the more motived I get. The more motived I become, the better I perform. This is repeating cycle when achieving any goal in life. The three must work together.