High-quality health is fundamental to all citizens. Water is also necessary for the improved body functioning. However, many people do not care about the quality of water they consume. The article discusses the issue of water in many states in the US. The writer has begun by providing information concerning the water that was found to contain lead in a Junior High School in Sebring. According to the article several institutions have taken the purity of water for granted, yet, water contaminated by lead has been found. The authors of the report have discussed extensively what has been found during their investigation. The weakness of the federal regulation concerning water has been highlighted. According to the article, the laws apply only to water suppliers. Several issues have been raised by the New York reporters about water safety. According to the reported, water safety and purity is a collective responsibility and should be addressed by all stakeholders. They note that apart from federal governments, other parties, such as state, city, and federal regulations, as well as political leaders should be blamed.
The reporters have also argued that people have not learned that there is no compulsory water testing because they obtain inaccurate reports regarding water in towns. Environmental injustice has been raised as an issue affecting water safety. One of the reporters says that officials ignore complaints that are raised regarding water supply from minority communities. Schwartz, one of the journalists, has noted a task force as a source of water issues in the district. Some schools have water that contains lead because school districts paid higher costs for brass plumbing fittings that contain lead. Besides, the empirical experts also seem to be disappointed by the implementers of the law for the reason that no action is taken. The adverse effects of lead have also been explained to the reporters. Less IQ is one of the impacts of lead. Schwartz adds that lead consumption is associated with behavioral problems, such as control and aggression. Empirical evidence has been provided to show that everybody has consumed lead in their bodies. In fact, in the article, some of the reporters are worried about the quality of water their relatives drink.

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