Thesis statement: Perceived racism in the criminal justice system in the United States can be removed by identifying its causes and providing adequate solutions to those problems, so that fairness in administering justice will be the result.
What is the goal in this paper? The main objective of this paper is to explicate the forms of racial injustice in the criminal justice system, as well as the solutions, if any, that have been undertaken to ensure that the propagation of justice is equitable. In order for me to do this, there is a need to present statistical information, perhaps in graphical form, to effectively convey the discrepancies that are inherent to the justice system.

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What do I already know about the topic? In the recent past, the rate at which African American people are incarcerated has rapidly skyrocketed. The level of prejudice and discrimination in the criminal justice system is at its peak. This reality can be attributed to the fact that the number of African Americans arrested, convicted, or sentenced is much higher in comparison to non-African Americans who committed similar crimes. Furthermore, it is apparent that African Americans are not only subject to mass arrests, but also make up the bulk of the victims of violent and non-violent crimes within America.

What do my readers already know? The majority of the readers in this class are well aware of the bias that is predominant in the legal system. It is of utmost importance that I highlight how racism in the judicial system is propagated with considerations of those who might have a different notion or belief in regards to this issue. Other than the fact that the African American community faces disproportionate arrests as compared to white Americans, I am confident that my readers are aware that African Americans make up a significant percentage of those incarcerated despite their status as a minority group within America.

What do my readers need to know to understand my point? In the plight to tackle racism in the justice system, my readers need to know that numerous efforts by campaigns opposing racism in the criminal justice system keep being thwarted due to the elevated cases of overcharging and over-sentencing by prosecutors and judges based on racial prejudices. My readers also need to understand racial prejudice does not begin in the courtroom, but is a reality throughout all stages of the criminal justice system. The reason for the disparities in conviction rates across racial lines, despite the similarities in the nature of crimes committed by people of all racial backgrounds, is that African Americans are more likely to face arrests. Discourse on the topic shows that law enforcement officers tend to patrol or monitor African American communities with greater intensity and frequency than they do other racial communities. This is the first stage in the increasingly apparent problem of racial prejudice preceding the courtroom in as far as incarcerations go.

What information do I need to research and add to my paper? The information that I need to incorporate in my paper includes actual cases that are a clear indication of racism in the justice system. I can safely assume that there is a host of such cases as some have received extensive coverage in the media in the past and recent years. The paper requires extensive quantitative data and analysis as well. Information, such as the percentage of African Americans in society as compared to the percentage they account for within the prison system, should particularly be helpful. This information will be crucial in conveying the message and unequivocally showing the role that racism plays in creating prejudice within the justice system. Additionally, I will need to determine what is being done by the legal system to ensure that justice is administered equally and fairly; in turn, there must be a thorough analysis of how these solutions can be effectively implemented.