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The Isolation of Nature: Communication or Reverberation

Both Robert Frost and William Wordsworth write poetry about the feelings of isolation in the world. In the poem entitled “The Most of It,” by Robert Frost, the speaker reminds the reader of the myth of Narcissus, as he is only able to receive his own echoes and does not...

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Pros and Cons of Technology

Rapid advances in technology in the recent decades have transformed our daily lives: the way we work, get news, communicate, shop, entertain ourselves. While technological progress has been actively and noticeably making its way into our daily lives, it has also effected the way our society functions which may not...

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Dilbert Cartoon Analysis

In Scott Adams’ Dilbert, Adams has a tendency to convey his points through the use of wit and dry humor, often using a direct and lighthearted approach. Dilbert takes place in a typical office workplace, and focuses on the everyday encounters of Dilbert and his coworkers. There is often a...

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The Things They Carried and To Build a Fire

In Tim O’Brien’s short story, “The Things They Carried,” it is clear that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is suffering from a burden both mental and physical. First, his love for Martha is purely physical, even though he may not recognize that fact. He is literally obsessed with thinking about whether or...

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Success or Failure: It’s in the Eye of the Beholder

Webster’s dictionary defines failure as “an act or instance of proving unsuccessful.” It suggests shame and despair. However, the very act of effort, putting in the time with the intent of achievement is noteworthy. It is admirable and courageous, not disgraceful as some might suggest. Therefore, the societal norm of...

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Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper deal closely with the theme of madness and mental deterioration. The two main contrasts between how this is presented can be found in the self-awareness of their respective narrators, and the contributions of internal or external forces....

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Character Analysis of Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman takes on a lot of different themes in the course of the story. It focuses quite clearly on the idea of the American Dream and how the American Dream affects and influences people. While there are certain features of the American Dream that...

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Walt Disney Prospectus Analysis

The Walt Disney Company is an international media conglomerate with business in the television, movies, merchandise, and theme parks. Its worldwide brand recognition and popularity stems from its founder Walt Disney’s emphasis on innovation and story-telling. With such strong emotional equity with the public, many are eager to be part...

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Mama’s Character in Everyday Use for Your Grandma

The short story, “Everyday Use for Your Grandma” has been critically acclaimed by many as Alice Walker’s most anthologized story. The story goes through the activities that describe the bond between a mother and her daughter and how this bond is a big part of how African American women identify...

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“A Country Doctor”

The short story “A Country Doctor” by Franz Kafka tells the story of a doctor who struggles to see a sick patient. The doctor’s horse died the night before and he is unable to locate another horse to make the journey. In the story, the physician is the principle character....

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Narrative Analysis

Sugiyama argues that forager oral traditions are essential in the storing and sharing useful information pertinent for reproduction and survival. In this view nevertheless, the prevalence of giants and monsters, otherwise referred to as anthropomorphic predators, in forager folklore is confusing. Whereas human challenges and issues might have been re-occurring...

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Alienation and Liberation: Gregor Samsa’s Dark Journey

Franz Kafka’s literary world is suffused by a dark sense of alienation, guilt and personal unworthiness. Kafka’s protagonists inhabit worlds in which oppression is a matter of external and internal reality. These oppressed and self-oppressed characters reflect what Kafka saw as a world in which identity is negated by dehumanizing...

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A Good Man is Hard to Find Analysis

Flannery O’Connor’s work A Good Man is Hard to Find stands as one of the most important pieces of literature to come out of the mid-1900s. A work that provides a dim take on the world’s plight, A Good Man is Hard to Find is the kind of work that...

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Stoptime Analysis

'Stop-time' is one of the most influential books of memoir written in the 20th century. It tells the story of its authors early life and his experience growing up in New York City and later in Florida. This paper will consider the book, in particular it will focus on its...

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Analysis of Article

In Adrian F. Ward’s “Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends,” a study was performed that sought to evaluate how men and women perceived seemingly platonic friendships with the opposite sex. From this study, it was ascertained that women and men’s perception of these friendships were vastly different. In this...

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Analytical Leadership

According to Janssen, van der Voort and Wahyudi (2017), the three factors influencing the utility of big data analytics in decision-making are the velocity, variety, and veracity of business data. When organizations collect big data from various sources, the variation in the qualities of this data, and the fact that...

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Analytical Paper – Virtual Reality

Event management is the application of project management, involving the creation and development of concerts, conferences, and festivals for different goals, such as marketing products and services, raising money, commemorating, and celebrating. Events are significantly important in today’s world, and event management is a fast-growing business. Individuals are constantly exposed...

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Analytical Paper On Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity emerged from the same cultural and geographic setting in Western Asia, which is better known as the Middle East, and drew from this region’s ancient traditions and more specifically from Judaism and the Jewish people. Christianity emerged first and was inspired by the death and life of...

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Analytical Book Report: Black Scare

It seems incomprehensible that anyone would consider themselves superior to another person based on something over which they or others have no control, such as being tall or having curly hair or being born into a rich family or a poor one. Therefore, my initial response to reading Forrest G....

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Myself as a Writer Essay

It’s easy to think that one is a good writer. After all, it’s something you do every day, not just for class or work. You write emails or messages to family and friends. You assume that as long as people understand your message, you must be a good writer. However,...

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A Simple Guide to Writing Great Analytical Essays

If you’re asking, “How do I go about the task of writing my analytical essay?”, rest assured, you’re not alone. Writing essays like this is a nightmare for many students, mostly because they don’t know how to craft unique pieces that fulfil their purposes and appeals to the reader. This article, therefore, addresses critical aspects of analytical essay writing, including the thought process, the essay structure, the tone, and diction associated with analytical essays. You will also find helpful samples as well as tips for GRE analytical writing.

But first, some basics.

What Makes a Great Analytical Essay?

As you probably know, a standard essay comprises three main segments viz.:

A writer’s ability to whip one’s points around these broad sections determines the quality of your analysis paper. Subsequently, this article will provide a unique structure for writing an analytical essay that works all the time.

Rule of Thumb for Writing Analytical Essay

To be sure you haven’t veered from analysis essay to any of the other many essay types, here are some guiding questions:

  1. Are you making critical arguments?
  2. Are you revealing insights that may not be observed by a regular reader?
  3. Are you focused on a theme or pattern?
  4. Are you interested in parts and not the entire work?

If your answer is affirmative, then carry on with your writing but if not, retrace. If at this point you still feel like asking, “what is an analytical essay?”, here’s a brief definition.

“Analytical Essay is one that explores a concept, event or literary and makes arguments based on the insights.”

Analytical Essay Writing versus Summary Writing

A note of caution is that analytical essays are often confused with summary writing and, at times, argumentative essays. Whereas a summary seeks to compress a bigger piece into essential points, an analysis aims to provide a more in-depth insight into a concept, an event or a literary work, usually around a particular theme.

Next, a few analytical essay examples.

Topics for Analytical Essays

Here are titles that can serve as good analysis paper examples.

  1. A Brief Analysis of the Foreign Policy Changes in the U.S.
  2. The religious undertone of the laws in the Nineteenth Century
  3. The African side to Maya Angelou’s poetry  
  4. The Role of Africans in the Second World War
  5. The Use of Metaphors in classic Shakespearean Plays

There are a lot more interesting samples of Analytical essays readily available online. Sites like contain lots of essay samples from which you can choose. Next, tips on how to write an analytical essay.

The Best Analytical Essay Outline

The best structure for your analysis essay would look like this:

For your introduction, start with an interesting fact about the event, concept or literary work you intend to analyze. Culminate with a thesis statement that reveals the theme or points the reader to the direction of your analysis.

The body of your analytical essay, discuss the various points of your analysis—one paragraph for each claim. It is essential to do these things:

  1. Make claims related to your thesis statement.
  2. Support your claim with relevant facts and instances.
  3. Use comparisons, arguments, and descriptions to expound on your claims.
  4. Link one argument with one another using transition words.
  5. Use vocabulary associated with the field. (For example, “metamorphosis” serves better than “development” in biology, “sovereign state” says more than “country” in the legal field.  

Finally, use your conclusion to reinforce your thesis statement and shoot down opposing views that your reader may have. Rather than making a classic call to action, cleverly (and tersely) remind your reader of the significance of the parallels you have drawn in your analysis.

Bonus Point: Tips for GRE Analytical Writing

In addition to the principles shared here, GRE examiners pay extra attention to these three areas:

  1. Clarity: Clearly describe your points with few the right words—and few of them.
  2. Coherence: Flow naturally.
  3. Cogency: Use relatable points and sound vocabulary.