Anatomy of a Hangover is an informative description of the effects of alcohol on the body to the point of providing the college aged reader a vivid portrait of what to do and not do with regard to alcohol consumption. The processes of alcohol digestion and dissemination in the bloodstream are essentially representative of what does happen in the body. The effects ranging from the headache from dehydration due to the diuretic effect of alcohol to the fatigue and laziness of the next day hangover after having excreted via urine important nutrients that contribute to bio energy.

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The essay essentially describes how alcohol is a detriment to the human body. The description can be understood to indicate the individual that is drinking eventually may enter into a hallucinogenic state given the level of intoxication in the bloodstream. The hallucinogenic effect from dehydration and brain shrinkage occurs after excessive drinking and during the hangover which is in process during the sleeping period. The depressant that is alcohols is also described as the reason behind the depressive effects of alcohol. Alcohol interferes with neurochemical transmission within the brain and causes malfunction in maintaining homeostasis.

My interpretation of the essay is that is tries to prevent students from drinking excessively given the semantics used to portray how the body breaks down alcohol and the poisons that are byproducts of alcohol digestion. Although the liver does produce toxins that destroy the liver and render liver damage, the level of toxicity that such alcohol consumption requires is extremely excessive to the point that the individual would have to go to the hospital to get the stomach pumped, or the length of time an individual has been drinking is so long that liver poisoning has developed from the accumulation of toxins.

The essay did not seem to touch on the point that expelling alcohol through the mouth via vomiting is a manner of getting rid of alcohol however the stomach acids that come up through the mouth along with the alcohol will lead to cause esophageal cancer and other cancers of the throat and mouth.