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Ethics in Research: Human Embryonic Stem Cells

According to the National Institutes of Health (2014), stem cells over potential to assist in the treatment of numerous medical conditions such as cancer and birth defects. This statement is not debated as the clinical evidence supports this potential. However, the debate begins over the collection of Pluripotent stem cells...

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Anatomy and Physiology

Question 1: Homeostasis Homeostasis is a self-regulating process that seeks to maintain the stability of biological processes while at the same time adjusting to conditions optimal for survival (Delp and Laughlin, 412). The balance attained is not constant, but a dynamic equilibrium characterized by continuous changes seeking to maintain relatively...

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Anatomy and Physiology Essays

Spinal Cord Injuries Spinal cord injuries vary with severity and symptoms depending on the location of the injury. The general principle is that the higher up the spine the injury occurs the more the amount of damage it will cause to the body. Therefore in Bob and Jacks case, one...

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Anatomy of a Hangover

Anatomy of a Hangover is an informative description of the effects of alcohol on the body to the point of providing the college aged reader a vivid portrait of what to do and not do with regard to alcohol consumption. The processes of alcohol digestion and dissemination in the bloodstream...

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Connective Tissue And Muscle In General

Connective tissues are tissues that connects, binds, supports or separates other organs or tissues. The surround each body muscle and may offer protection past the end of its muscle fibers to come up with a cord-like tendon. Connective tissues comprise of two basic elements, the matrix consisting of ground substance...

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