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Anatomy Assignment

The nervous system comprises three main functions: sensory, interpretative, and motor. It is made up of a web of cells (neurons). These specialized cells work to transmit signals and co-ordinate actions all over the body. The nervous system coordinates both involuntary and voluntary activity. The main organization of the visceral...

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External Anatomy of the Kidney

The two kidneys of the human body are located in a retroperitoneal location, each on one side of the spine. The left kidney sits slightly higher than the right kidney, and the left kidney sits slightly closer to the spine that the right. Kidneys can move a few centimeters, and...

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Inner Body Anatomy

Neurons are one of two types of nerve cells. Depending on their functions, there are afferent, efferent, and interneurons. Nerves are structures from neurons and neuroglia (“helper” cells) transmitting signals throughout the body. Myelin is a substance forming an electrically insulating layer. It surrounds axons of neurons. Grey matter is...

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Biochemical Processes Requiring Folic Acid In The Body

IntroductionFolic acid is a coenzyme that is essential for DNA synthesis and methylation pathways. The implication of folate fortification in wheat flour has been hugely studied. Some studies are demonstrating its positives while others are elucidating the adverse effects (Hertrampf and Cortes 2004). This paper focuses on the evidence for...

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The Use of Human Tissue in Medical Research

The cancerous cells divide rapidly and uncontrollably leading to emergence of tumor. These cells’ growth cannot be controlled by the body system as opposed to the healthy cells. On the other hand, the growth of body cells is density dependent and cannot surpass the required number. Cancerous cells rapidly reproduce...

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