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Ancient Culture

Julius Caesar and Yitzhak Rabin

Assassinations seem to have always been part of the global leadership history. Dozens of talented leaders were assassinated, with diverse political and economic changes following their death. Many assassinated leaders bear considerable personal and professional similarities. The figures of Julius Caesar and Yitzhak Rabin also have much in common. Both...

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The Tale of a Captive Girl from Gaul

I am a young woman of age 14 from Gaul and I am now a captive being taken back to the Rome. Before I was taken, I lived with my family in our home and I my parents were starting to consider suitors for my marriage. Julius Caesar conquered our...

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Differences Between The Classical Era And Hellenism

The differences in the Classical Era and Hellenism are as follows. The Classical Era is one of order and balance in what we do and the way they do things. The Classical Era is one of building self-confidence at the time of artistic and intellectual achievement. The Classical Era covered...

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Pirates Of Egypt

Even knowing that piracy is older than the pyramids of Egypt, one may find certain similarities between pirates who operated in different historical epochs. This paper looks into the similarities between the pirates of modernity and pirates of the past. Pirates of the past and pirates of the modernity pursue...

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Civ I: Ancient – Medieval: Topic One

Introduction It may that no no ancient text is as based in conflict as Virgil's Aeneid. This is largely inevitable, to an extent; the story details ongoing and violent clashes between mortals and gods, even as it documents a series of equally relentless conflicts between men and societies. Added to...

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