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Ancient Culture

Interview Ancient Chinese Contributions

Good evening, and welcome to Human Currents, my name is Frankie Sceptre. On Human Currents, we examine the cultural and scientific legacy of the human species, seeking to highlight its accomplishments, with an eye towards its future. It is therefore with great pleasure, that I introduce our guest this evening,...

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Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece

The Ancient India and Greece art was much influential to their cultures in the way they depicted their gods and the value of human being. The art was depicted as a medium of communication of their traditions and cultural values. Therefore, it can be depicted that the ancient sculptures and...

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Ancient Rome: BBC Video 1—Saint Peter

In the first video, David explores the person of Saint Peter. He searches for information about the man, the disciple of Jesus who then became one of the greatest Christian leaders in Rome. The video considers documents and traditions, as well as the artifacts of art in Rome. He looks...

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Civ I: Ancient-Medieval: Dante’s Inferno

As groundbreaking as Dante's Inferno was as a highly personal exploration of human nature and the consequences of sin, the author most certainly had a wealth of tradition to draw upon, and from extraordinary sources. Dante's epic poem is unique, certainly in terms of individual voice, experience, and perspective. At...

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The Great Stupa And Stonehedge Comparison

Cultural Value Stonehenge was created with the purpose of ritualistic value for the community it served. Aligned towards the sun, Stonehenge is thought to be an area of religious importance. As other Neolithic stone structures in Britain are orientated towards the sun, it is believed that the period of time...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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