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Ancient Culture

Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome

The theme that is going to be discussed in this paper is that of gender roles. According to Glover & Kaplan (2008), the authors of the book “Genders”, gender today is “one of the busiest, most restless terms in the English language, a word that crops up everywhere, yet whose...

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Exploring Ancient Mysteries: The Death of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen was the boy-king of Ancient Egypt. Arguably the most well-known of all of the Pharaohs, his funerary death mask of gold is immediately recognizable. He is most well-known to modern society due to the discovery of his mortal remains, mummified and entombed, by English Egyptologist Howard Carter in 1922....

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Steles: Symbols of Power in the Ancient World

From the very early stages of its development, art performed different functions: narrative, entertaining, and political, to name but a few. The study of the art of the Ancient World offers some valuable insights into another function of art that is the function of communicating power. This can be particularly...

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The Contrast of Power in Egypt and Greece

All societies possess power, and their gods claim power in different forms. This causes groups of people from the ancient cultures of the Near East to modern nation states to express their understanding of power in art work. Two works of art reveal a perspective on power in the ancient...

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Greece as the Role Model for Western Civilization

Although the cultures of the ancient Near East provided the world with civilization, the Greeks instituted structure and definitions that place them as the founders of Western Civilization. The Greeks innovation and thought processes went in a multitude of directions. Nearly all the foundations of our modern arts, sciences and...

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