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Ancient history

Archeological Artifacts

Breaking down the constructions has additional archeological benefits in addition to the economic intentions that led to its selection for development. From an archeologists perspective, it is undisputable that this site is important from various perspectives when the job of excavation is over. The first way in which the site...

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Plagues and Peoples

As William McNeil makes clear in the introduction of his Plagues and Peoples, his purpose is to examine a massive aspect of history he perceives as neglected. While he refers to various historians who have periodically addressed the impact of disease on various populations, he believes insufficient attention has been...

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Mise-en-Scene and the film Gladiator

The movie I have chosen for this assignment is Gladiator. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the story and trials of Maximus, a former Roman general who is betrayed by the son of the dead emperor. Although loyal to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Maximus posed a threat to the emperor’s...

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Comparing Wu Zetian and Cleopatra

Wu Zetian is widely regarded as one of the most notable and influential women in Chinese history. Wu came from a well off family and decided to leave her family house in order to embrace court life as she believed that living in the realm of Emperor Taizong would be...

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Greek Myths

It is very well known that images of heroes and gods are oftentimes not only present in just one mythology. It is interesting how these characters oftentimes travel through time and space. This essay is dedicated to a brief overview of one such travel. It will research the figure of...

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