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Ancient history

Religion in Ancient Egypt

The main focus of Egyptian religion was centered on the afterlife. The central premise of Egyptian religion was that the life experienced on Earth was just to prepare them for the afterlife. The afterlife was their main goal above all else. With the Egyptians believing in this, they too believed...

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Sports in Ancient Greece

Examining any ancient culture presents a range of difficulties, and particularly when one element of the culture is the focus. The problem tends to be that, given the many centuries between the ancient and modern eras, it is challenging to appreciate how the older society functioned in terms of values...

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The Business of Civilization

The endgame of every civilization is essentially the same: the survival of its culture and advancements. War, education, trade, and expansion are all centered on that one simple goal. Anything that would harm or destroy a society is swiftly discarded, and anything that will preserve and advance the society is...

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Ancient Egyptian Culture: Mummification, Art and Architecture

One of the most culturally significant and unique aspects of Ancient Egyptian society was that of mummification. Mummification, which is first recorded circa 2400 BC and reserved for the Pharaohs, was a ritual method of interment that had specific rites and meanings attached to it. By 2000 BC Ancient Egyptians...

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Spartan Women

Every modern phenomenon or concept has its roots in the past. The close analysis of such roots can lead the researchers to numerous benefits. J.M. Bennett, the author of the book History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (2006), believes that those, whose aim is to discover and enrich...

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