Samples "Animal ethics"

Animal ethics

Whaling Away

An important part of history is the Nantucket society whaling industry. Philbrick’s “The Heart of the Sea” discusses the men who were gone for long periods of time and the women who had to handle the businesses and keep life functioning void of their men. Due to the nature of...

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Fisheries Resource Stakeholders

Known scientifically as the Cynoscion regalis, the Atlantic weakfish possesses a long slender body, a green back with dark spots, a white belly and yellow squared-tailed fins. Its name is derived from the delicate tissues around the mouth that frequently break apart when engaged by hook, which often enables the...

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Blackfish PR Movie Analysis

Abstract This paper addresses the need for ethical practices in Public Relations, examines the PR response to several escalated situations at SeaWorld, and provides an analysis of those responses. Further, in light of the ethical standards that keep the Public Relations field competitive, commentary is given about the response and...

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Am I Blue? By Alice Walker

The thesis of Walker's essay »Am I Blue?« is that animals possess the same emotions as human beings and in this sense should be looked upon at the same level as human beings. Walker's essay »Am I Blue?« is a meditation on the shared qualities between animals and humans, thereby...

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How Animals Are Treated in Factory Farms?

Factory farming should be referred to as largely an industrial process that targets mass-produced animal products. According to the latest surveys on intensive production of farm animals, it becomes apparent that factory farming brings a number of risks and/or threats to public health and the welfare of animals themselves. Specifically...

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