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Animal ethics

Whaling Away

An important part of history is the Nantucket society whaling industry. Philbrick’s “The Heart of the Sea” discusses the men who were gone for long periods of time and the women who had to handle the businesses and keep life functioning void of their men. Due to the nature of...

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Fisheries Resource Stakeholders

Known scientifically as the Cynoscion regalis, the Atlantic weakfish possesses a long slender body, a green back with dark spots, a white belly and yellow squared-tailed fins. Its name is derived from the delicate tissues around the mouth that frequently break apart when engaged by hook, which often enables the...

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Blackfish PR Movie Analysis

Abstract This paper addresses the need for ethical practices in Public Relations, examines the PR response to several escalated situations at SeaWorld, and provides an analysis of those responses. Further, in light of the ethical standards that keep the Public Relations field competitive, commentary is given about the response and...

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Am I Blue? By Alice Walker

The thesis of Walker's essay »Am I Blue?« is that animals possess the same emotions as human beings and in this sense should be looked upon at the same level as human beings. Walker's essay »Am I Blue?« is a meditation on the shared qualities between animals and humans, thereby...

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How Animals Are Treated in Factory Farms?

Factory farming should be referred to as largely an industrial process that targets mass-produced animal products. According to the latest surveys on intensive production of farm animals, it becomes apparent that factory farming brings a number of risks and/or threats to public health and the welfare of animals themselves. Specifically...

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The Effects of Farm Animal Cruelty

When people go to the grocery store to grab their essentials, most of them probably don’t think about where their favorite important products came from. They come across eggs and milk in the dairy section and compare the prices between farms whose animals are free-range and the farms where animals...

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Confinement Animal Production

Introduction Gestation sow housing remains a controversial issue today. In a variety of empirical and theoretical scholarly works, the advantages and disadvantages of three types of pregnant sow housing have been assessed and debated with regard to animal welfare and production outcomes. Even though more and more scholars and practitioners...

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Animal Testing Peculiarities

Animal testing belongs to one of the most contested issues of these days. With the growing interest in the use of cosmetics, which is produced after being tested on animals, many questions whether such animal treatment should be allowed at all. Given the fact that animal testing has played a...

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Different Kinds Of Animal Testing

Introduction While some animal activists are against animal testing in any form, most people recognize a distinction between using animals for cosmetic testing and the testing of experimental medical treatment using animals. While testing cosmetics on animals is not technically necessary anymore and seems to border on cruelty, many medical...

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Admission Essay – Animal Rights

It was early in the morning when I opened my door and heard a weird sound outside. Once I was down the stairs, I saw an image that filled me with compassion. A bird was lying there with what seemed like a broken left foot and I knew that there...

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Animal Rights

Not so long ago, there was no such thing as animal rights. The privilege of rights itself was granted to members of society to the extent of their actual or expected contribution to this society. Employees have a right to compensation, citizens have a right to choose their government, children...

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Eating Cephalopods

I am a veterinary technician in the making and concerned about the explosion of live food outlets all over the world points a glaring picture of humanity’s insatiable appetite, where individuals have no qualms destroying the natural environment. Apart from devouring forests and non-renewable energy, human society has deteriorated into...

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Animals in Research

The current policies of the Society of Toxicology outlined in their position statement adhere faithfully to the SOT “Guiding Principles in the Use of Animals in Toxicology” (2008). These guidelines are designed to ensure that the needs and desires of human subjects are balanced with a responsibility towards test animals;...

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Animal Testing

Animal testing is a practice of using animals to help understand biology and other scientific issues of interests. The practice is mostly associated with the need to understand human body and development of medications. Animal testing in scientific research has been associated with a wide range of breakthroughs in biomedical...

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Annotated Bibliography – Animals

Bateson, Patrick, et al. "The use of nonhuman animals in research: a guide for scientists." London (UK): The Royal Society (2010). The article discusses the benefits of utilizing non-human animals in empirical research. The primary objective of this discussion is to provide an effective guide to all scientists. One of...

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Should Animals have Rights like those of a Human?

In my essay, I will defend the position that the concept of human rights should be extended so as to include animals. The entire problem of whether animals should have rights arguably only emerges if we hold to a strict separation between human life and animal life. Now, this is...

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Animal Experiments

The issue of animal experimentation, and the cruelty, violence and death that animals experience as a result of this experimentation, reflects in the existence of this very practice that a value is given to human life over animal life by those that conduct and endorse these experiments. This is what...

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Animal Ethics: An Essay on the Animal Testing Debate

It is philosophically unattractive to regard nature as possessing inherent animal ethics. It is certainly more plausible to observe that the present moral and existential status of animals has been shaped by historical interpretations of nature by the human subject. But for all potential discussions on the development of human...

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