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Animal ethics

Should Animals have Rights like those of a Human?

In my essay, I will defend the position that the concept of human rights should be extended so as to include animals. The entire problem of whether animals should have rights arguably only emerges if we hold to a strict separation between human life and animal life. Now, this is...

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Animal Experiments

The issue of animal experimentation, and the cruelty, violence and death that animals experience as a result of this experimentation, reflects in the existence of this very practice that a value is given to human life over animal life by those that conduct and endorse these experiments. This is what...

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Animal Ethics: An Essay on the Animal Testing Debate

It is philosophically unattractive to regard nature as possessing inherent animal ethics. It is certainly more plausible to observe that the present moral and existential status of animals has been shaped by historical interpretations of nature by the human subject. But for all potential discussions on the development of human...

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