All creatures both big and small have a right to live and to be in a loving, caring home. There is so much news on the shooting of animals and it should be stopped, these creatures did not ask to be born but were brought into the world to live and have a happy life. On Thursday, May 29, 2014, it was discovered that a female dog that had just given birth to 10 puppies in a cage, had been fatally shot in the head, and the 10 puppies were left in the cage with their dead mother attempting to nurse. The cage was discovered by a bus driver on a Springtown, Texas road at 6:30am.
Later it was discovered that the owner of the dog was responsible for shooting the female dog and leaving the puppies in the cage. The owner states that the female dog had bitten and killed another dog that had gotten too close to the mother’s puppies, as with any mother, it is a normal reaction for female dogs to want to keep people and other dogs away from the babies. This was a very inhumane way to take care of this female dog if, in fact, it is true that the female dog had bitten the other. If there is a dog who bites another one or turns on you it is important to call animal control, in this way, if needed, they can euthanize the dog and is a more humane way to do that than shooting the dog in the head.

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The 10 puppies that were left should have been removed from the cage and the so-called owner should have called an animal control center for the female dog and an animal welfare center so that the puppies could nurse and be taken care of as well as finding a caring and loving home. Luckily the bus driver who found this dog and puppies was able to get in touch with an animal welfare center in order to take care of the puppies.

The animal welfare center that was contacted was able to find two female dogs that were willing to let the puppies nurse. This kind of treatment to animals needs to stop and more should be done in order to protect these animals and to prevent other animals from being shot or any other kind of mistreatment such as this.

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