I made the decision to pursue a career in nursing to combine my interest in science with my strong desire to help others. I have 20 years of nursing experience in clinical areas that include geriatrics, long term care, acute and critical care, medical/surgical and orthopedics. Beyond the clinical treatment of patients, I have had the opportunity to sharpen my problem solving and decision making skills. In recent years I have functioned in a supervisory capacity, allowing me to hone my management skills. Through the years I have learned the importance of providing comfort and relief when patients are enduring physical and emotional pain. I have discovered that the combination of compassion and knowledge, administered in a caring manner, is what truly defines the core of nursing.
I am at a point in my career where I feel ready to take my nursing practice to the next level. I completed two courses towards an MSN/MHA degree and then realized that I wanted a more clinical focus. The advanced Adult Nurse Practitioner degree will allow me to enhance my assessment, diagnostic and treatment skills. This higher skill level lends itself to the integral components of nursing such as patient education, illness prevention and health promotion strategies as well as access to community resources. In addition, this newly acquired skill set will create opportunities to become an advocate for change through research and as well as clinical leadership.

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My philosophical approach to advanced practice nursing aligns with what my personal philosophy as a nurse has been for the past 20 years. That would include do no harm, to provide client centered, holistic care and works towards achieving improved patient outcomes. The primary focus should always be the person as opposed to the disease. With this approach, the patient plays a major role in the decision making related to their health care. My career thus far has focused predominantly on the geriatric population. I believe this is where my heart is and would see myself serving an adult population as a nurse practitioner. The needs of this population will continue to challenge our nation’s health care system. I am certain I can make valuable contribution to this ever expanding segment of patients. The advanced practice nursing role provides the autonomy to design and implement treatment plans while collaborating with a team focused approach.

The nurse practitioner model evolved from the need to provide cost effective primary care to the medically underserved and has transformed the profession of nursing. These same issues continue to confront today’s uncertain health care environment. As the world of heath care continues to evolve, Nurse Practitioners will play a vital role in their ability to provide high quality, cost effective care. It’s exciting to anticipate the contributions I will make upon completion of the Adult Nurse Practitioner program. I look forward to functioning as an extended-role provider in order to benefit patients, their families and communities as well as the health care system.