With the rise of malware threats including viruses and Trojan horses, the importance of effective and reliable anti-virus software cannot be understated. The threat of losing all your important work documents, study material or just memorable photos and videos is quite high if your pc is not protected by an effective, reliable and efficient modern anti-virus. A wealth of options of anti-virus softwares exists and there is definitely no shortage in the market. However, a wealth of options is not a guarantee of reliability and effectiveness and most importantly efficiency. Certain attributes help distinguish the softwares from the poor ones to the best. Among the attributes includes ease of use, interface design and detection accuracy. These features plus other factors including price leads us to three anti-virus softwares that are arguably the best in the market today. They are Avira, Bitdefender and Kaspersky anti-virus. The three softwares are big performers and are almost similar in terms of what they offer to the user.

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The work of anti-virus softwares is to prevent, detect as well as eliminate any malware threats.1 Avira anti-virus software plays this role effectively thanks to its use of strong technology. To start with, the software offers device control through scanning of removable devices when connected to your pc. This allows you to select specific devices you are willing to connect to your personal computer. The software also offers web protection by hiding your identity from cybercriminals as well as securing your finances by blocking banking malwares so that one can shop online without fear of getting hacked.2 Keeping in mind not all administrators are well experienced in the use of anti-virus softwares, Avira helps the situation by having a trouble free installation process. The software’s simple design and interface makes it easy to use and maneuver around. Avira is priced at $35.99 for use on one computer for one year, works on both mac and pc and also has an option of a free 30 day trial.

Bitdefender is a reliable anti-virus and it ranks quite high in virus detection. The secret behind its success is its use of artificial intelligence and an array of technologies that helps in the anticipation and detection of threats that are subsequently blocked. The antivirus offers secure browsing, threat control and data protection. The software also records very powerful performances at high speed thus reducing the chances of a slowdown on your pc. For families looking for internet protection for their young ones, Bitdefender antivirus offers this feature. Family oriented protection is available which allows adults to monitor the activities of their young ones online thus keeping them safe. Additionally, Bitdefender has a game/movie mode option meant to reduce interruptions when having fun on your pc. A one year one device plan for Bitdefender is priced at $32.99; a price slightly cheaper in comparison with Avira. However, a downside to Bitdefender is the dialog box of the scan results that can be confusing in some instances.3 The Bitdefender software evidently thrives both in performance and protection; attributes that are very important in selection of good anti-virus software.

Perhaps the most popular anti-virus software today, Kaspersky anti-virus has been around the market for quite some time. Its ability to meet customer needs is personified in its user friendly interface making it easy to use in general. Kaspersky also offers effective anti-virus protection through proactive detection of both existing, well known malwares as well as new ones thus keeping your computer safe.4 In terms of performance; Kaspersky’s maximum security does not affect your computer by slowing it down. It instead allows your computer to perform accordingly. Kaspersky also offers anti-phishing engine that protects against phishing and intelligent scanning thus protecting users online against scheming individuals. Game/movie modes are also available as well as a rollback tool that helps rollback malware threats. In terms of pricing, a one year one pc plan goes for $39.95.

All the aforementioned anti-virus softwares are quite good thus making it difficult to choose just one. With little to criticize, the choice of the best anti-virus encompasses minor details that are nonetheless important. Things like availability of online support in case of a mishap come into play. At the end of the day I would however recommend Kaspersky antivirus over the other two. A review by Rubenking on PC magazine rates the software as excellent thanks to its great lab results, malware blocking results and anti-phishing results.5 In addition, Kaspersky has been around for a very long time building corporate integrity which is very important in the selection process of an anti-virus software. The software can also be used by a range of users’ right from small business owners to large business owners due to its easy to use features. These features ensure that both experts and non-experts are able to use it with little trouble. Kaspersky is also regularly updated to meet the need of its customers. The fact that Kaspersky is proactive in response to malicious malware significantly helps to maximize the software’s efficiency.5 Where problems arise; they do have an online support team that comes to the aid of its stranded customers. When compared to the other two softwares, Kaspersky is slightly more expensive but still in the same price range. It is however justifiable to pay a bit more for anti-virus that guarantees maximum security, ease of use and reliability. For these reasons I would recommend Kaspersky anti-virus to anyone looking for effective and reliable anti-virus software.