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Antigone Reflection

Ismene: “But think of the danger! Think what Creon will do!” Antigone: “Creon is not enough to stand in my way.” These few lines express the nature of my thoughts and core being – who I am. There is little that can stop me if I am up to a...

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Greeks and Romans

The social design of a community speaks to its fundamental beliefs and the truths that it holds. Accordingly, when asking what kind of community we wish to create, we must consider the basic philosophical concepts that inform human existence: how will we interpret justice? How will we structure our social...

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Sophocles Antigone Summary

Antigone’s demonstration of pride and loyalty alludes to ideas set in motion previously by Aristotle. Antigone written by Sophocles, shows the character Antigone as beginning the play with pride and loyalty, and the play is set around how having those attributes can make life challenging. In this play, Antigone is...

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Antigone: Good vs. Evil

When people discuss ideas of good and evil, they are often discussing the difference between divine law and civil law and how it addresses human rights. This has been the case possibly for as long as stories have been told. We can see this is true in some of the...

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Antigone by Anouilh

Antigone by Anouilh is a modern perspective on Antigone by Sophocles. The play is written in the backdrop of occupied France during the Second World War. Anouilh, the author, rewrites the play by Sophocles giving it a modern twist and relevance based on the current state of events. The play...

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