Item 1 – Past Item – Soccer cleats – The soccer cleats represent many years of playing soccer during elementary school, and learning important concepts including team participation, the importance of collaboration, and the results that hard work offer. Further, the importance of rules and regulations, and how they can lead to success instead of constriction.

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Item 2 – Present Item – School planner, on Tablet – This is a tool that contains all of my current schedule, which also reflects the need to plan, meet with others, organize and collaborate with my professors and others to achieve my goals.

Item 3 – Future Item – Dollar Bills – This represents my desire to start my own coaching business in the future, after acquiring my degree. I plan to earn income from this that I can use to create a future for my future family, and to help retire.

Early History – how soccer cleats help me to learn that collaboration and teamwork, along with learning the rules of the game, can lead to success.
Present – an overview of how my studies in school are allowing me to succeed, and how to plan adequately for my future.
Future – a discussion of why I want to be an entrepreneur, and how my life experiences have led to this point. How I will pursue my aims in the future, and meet not only my needs, but those of my family.
Bag – these items are all linked in a briefcase, which represents my desire to excel in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Bag – Tied together in briefcase (flexible, bag).
The past is always inextricably linked to the present. One of the key features of my past was my involvement in various sports. While I was not always adept at playing, I did learn that playing sports is helpful in creating team camaraderie, and in learning the “rules of the game.” I first discovered the rules of the game in soccer, which is why I chose to include soccer cleats in my bag. I wanted to play to meet up with a friend of mine, and talk with them. I learned this friend’s parents would only allow me to play together when we were in soccer, thus me eagerness to participate. I thought playing would be dull, I didn’t know much about the ‘game.’ But, what I learned through participation, is that many things in life, including sports and games are a team effort. I learned to collaborate with others, which helped me in coming to understand how the game was played (rules, regulations) and how to help others succeed, in addition to helping myself feel good about something I was doing.

In my present life, my planner and tablet are essential to my ability to stay on task, particularly while in school. Without this information, there would be no way for me to excel in school. I would lose track of the many tasks and activities I have to accomplish on a daily basis. My planner helps me to see the “big picture” and to remember that while no one class is more important than the other, each is a stepping stone toward my degree. In the long-term I know this will pay off.

This brings me to my last item, which is dollar bills. I feel to be successful in contemporary society, people have to learn to own and operate a business. This may seem entrepreneurial, when in fact I think it is merely a reflection of common sense. I expect to take an ordinary job after graduation, because I feel that by working in the world of corporate America, I will gain valuable experience about a business, its mission, structure and goals. I can then translate this information and knowledge into my own creation. Ultimately, I would like to use all of the planning, organizational and collaborative skills that I have gained to create my own business. My sense of planning will help me determine the best time to do this, while my skills at teamwork and collaboration will help me assess the best partners to pursue in realizing my goals and dreams. Ultimately, it is this money that I will count on to expand my future, my horizon, and to make plans for eventual retirement.