I anxiously looked for the day I will enroll in college. I have considered Oberlin College as the institution where I can achieve my dream. After thorough searching, I have learnt that Oberlin College is the first Institution that admits African American students, men and women. Therefore, I am motivated by the fact that, Oberlin College recognizes and supports different cultural identities and histories. By doing so, it encourages interaction between the student to share their differences and perspectives that are different from their own. I am a Hispanic, and my parents are from Ecuador. However, I was born in the States. Therefore, I am capable of handling and adapting to an interpersonal challenge.I am self-driven, hardworking and determined student focused on attaining my dreams. Additionally, I am less assertive in expressing myself to peers and adults. I highly rely on the hierarchy of authority in place to solve interpersonal problems and differences. I passed my final exams with excellent numbers and was ready to continue with my studies at Oberlin College. Also, I am an avid follower of sporting activities specialized in volleyball and hockey and will certainly make Oberlin College proud in the sporting category.
I would work to encourage my fellow students to build a community of learners who respect and value personal choices and differences. Moreover, I would actively participate in challenging stereotypes and asking questions to suggest positive changes in the institution. Being a Hispanic, I avoid competition or some activities that may tend to set me apart from my group. I possess dignity in personal conduct and respect for others. Through engaging in dialogues and sharing ideas on political and societal issues with my fellow students, would help to demonstrate social justice and diversity. I would involve myself in various aspects of campus and student life by performing well in academics and curricular activities and encouraging wellness of others.
I believe that I can be an important asset in Oberlin College. Moreover, I can achieve my career dream that is only possible if I am admitted to the reputable institution. I hope you shall consider my application and give me this deserving privilege. I believe through Oberlin College; I shall be able to achieve my dream.

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