The MAC OS X has a number of gestures. The gesture features in the MAC OS X are dragging two fingers up and down which is meant for scrolling through the page, swiping left and right with two fingers which navigates through a web page, pinching the fingers which zooms the page and clicking using two fingers that is the same as right clicking.

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In the MAC OS X, a mouse is not necessary for performing any function. Without using the mouse, to quickly move from one item to the other is done by typing the first letter of the item you want to get to. This helps for easy navigation from one location to another. For instance, a file name “Movies” can be easily reached by typing the letter M.

One can be able to customize the desktop according to his or her own preference. Customizing the desktop of the MAC OS X is done by first clicking the apple icon on the top left corner. Under the apple icon, click next on systems preferences. Under the system preferences, click on “Desktop and Screen Saver” to continue. Once on the desktop and screen saver menu, choose on the picture that best suits. One is able to choose any picture in any folder as well as MAC pictures, iPhoto application and solid colors.

The DOCK is useful on the MAC OS X as it is used to open the applications and documents found at the bottom of the screen.

There are a number of default applications that come with the MAC OS X. The default application found at the DOCK are known as STACKS.

The MAC OS X comes with some default applications with it. Among the default applications that come with the MAC OS X include a documents folder for all the documents, safari browser which is the default browser, facetime application, iTunes an application used for acquiring any media content, and game center for all the games.

In the MAC OS X, the terminal provides a command interface that controls the MAC operation system which is UNIX. As far as the MAC OS X users are concerned, the terminal is useful for a number of operations. This includes copying files and directories, removing, moving, listing, remote login function, exporting, importing, change any settings and services, troubleshooting any problems and many other functions.

A smart folder is a folder that uses a search engine to gather all files by using the type of file as well as the subject. Smart folders update automatically anytime any change is made on the file. Smart folders are useful in that they collect all files that are similar are places them in one location for ease.

The MAC OS X terminal command line uses the character.
Among the commands used in the MAC terminal command line include Cp, Mv and Rm. Cp is used to copy any files or folder, Mv is used to move any file or folder while Remove is used to remove any file or folder.

Clarity of Objective 9
Ability to meet the objective 10
Value to you as a learning tool 10
Technical accuracy 9

Going through the lab for the MAC OS X, there was no step that had poor wording or that I could not understand. Each and every step was explained in a way that anyone even the one who is new to information technology can easily understand what is being said.
One thing that I would improve in this lab is more explanation. The lab did not explain some of the features. The lab only mentions them in a light note. For easy understanding, such features should be explained more clearly.