Apple’s initiative of issuing $1.5 billion in bonds to help finance clean energy projects in its global business operations is an exemplary act. Perhaps, there is nothing more than using your financial achievements to make the world a better place. Most importantly, it is unarguably important for the entire human race to take part in activities like energy storage that enhances environmental conservation. Other than financing the renewal of energy, Apple’s support program will also promote policy and social initiatives aimed at promoting better environmental use.

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It is extremely devastating to note that a despite holding strong financial positions that can have significant implications in improving the man’s life that has been at stake lately, a majority of high earning global companies have never prioritized environmental issues. Consequently, Apple’s financing initiative has come at the right moment when global companies are being urged to support the U.N. climate summit. As far as other environmental concerns should be the responsibility of everyone, Apple is committed to use Green Bond Principles that were established by a group of financial investors like JPMorgan Chase & Company.

Thankfully, Consultancy Sustainalytics reviewed Apple’s green bond framework and guaranteed that they have met the required standards. Most importantly, Apple’s initiative means that they will have to spend a majority of the proceeds in the next two years after the bonds have been issued. Far from that, Apple has been at the forefront in developing ways of reducing carbon footprint at its native location in California alongside its associated facilities that are situated at different parts of the world. In fact, their company intends to convince all its global suppliers to embrace renewable energy. On my regard, there are numerous significances that are associated with encouraging people and companies to switch to cleaner energy sources. The initiative will not only reduce devastating environmental effects like global warming, it will also ensure that the entire human race that has been at stake lately has a bright future.