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Apple and Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is based on several important notions. First and foremost, a company using it chooses to create an uncontested market instead of entering into the existing one. More than that, the stress is laid on creating and capturing new demand instead of exploiting the existing demand. Additionally, companies...

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Critical Essay On iPhones

Apple Inc designs and markets the iphones as their line of smart phones. The company first released the phone in 2007 and it uses Apple’s iOS as its operating system (Trautschold, Rene, and Gary 45). The most recent iphones, iphone 5C and iphone 5s belong to the seventh generation. The...

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Background Of Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is a US-based, world-renowned manufacturer of personal computers, tablet computers, software, audio players and mobile phones. Apple is widely known for its advanced technology. Demand for Apple products is increasing from year to year, not only in the US but in other countries around the world, because of...

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AT&T and Apple’s Strategic Alliance

Do you think it was advisable for both AT&T and Apple to enter into the strategic alliance? Why or why not? I think it was advisable; nowadays, it seems as if the world is moving more away from the small businesses and more towards the corporations and the large companies....

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Apple Mac OS Lab Report

The MAC OS X has a number of gestures. The gesture features in the MAC OS X are dragging two fingers up and down which is meant for scrolling through the page, swiping left and right with two fingers which navigates through a web page, pinching the fingers which zooms...

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