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Apple and Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is based on several important notions. First and foremost, a company using it chooses to create an uncontested market instead of entering into the existing one. More than that, the stress is laid on creating and capturing new demand instead of exploiting the existing demand. Additionally, companies...

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Critical Essay On iPhones

Apple Inc designs and markets the iphones as their line of smart phones. The company first released the phone in 2007 and it uses Apple’s iOS as its operating system (Trautschold, Rene, and Gary 45). The most recent iphones, iphone 5C and iphone 5s belong to the seventh generation. The...

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Background Of Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is a US-based, world-renowned manufacturer of personal computers, tablet computers, software, audio players and mobile phones. Apple is widely known for its advanced technology. Demand for Apple products is increasing from year to year, not only in the US but in other countries around the world, because of...

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AT&T and Apple’s Strategic Alliance

Do you think it was advisable for both AT&T and Apple to enter into the strategic alliance? Why or why not? I think it was advisable; nowadays, it seems as if the world is moving more away from the small businesses and more towards the corporations and the large companies....

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Apple Mac OS Lab Report

The MAC OS X has a number of gestures. The gesture features in the MAC OS X are dragging two fingers up and down which is meant for scrolling through the page, swiping left and right with two fingers which navigates through a web page, pinching the fingers which zooms...

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Managing Customer’s Satisfaction of the Apple Watch

Abstract Only recently has Apple Incorporated released its unprecedented Apple Watch as its newest and most invigorating product on the IT market. The Apple Watch was designed to provide customers with a different and innovative product that would inspire intrigue and amazement. Despite the inherent differences between the Apple Watch...

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Face Recognition: iPhone

Abstract Apple is one of the market leaders in the technology industry. The company has successfully established itself as an innovative producer of high-end smartphone devices. The company recently introduced a face recognition technology in its iPhone X model to address the increasing security concerns illustrated by smartphone users. Security...

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Case Study – Apple, Inc. in 2010

Question #1 – The competitive strategy utilized by Apple stems from a strategy used by John Sculley. During the Sculley era, the company formed alliances with rivals to assist with the development of a PC that complemented other multimedia applications and increased the speed and flexibility of the Macintosh computer....

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iPhone headsets – AirPods

iPhone headsets, now christened the “AirPods” are wire-free and wireless headsets designed and produced by tech giant Apple. Inc. They were introduced into the market when Apple launched the iPhone 7. The AirPods have no wire nor do they have jack that connects to the phone; additionally, they have no...

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Wal-Mart and Apple HRM

A1. I have had part-time jobs and did go through orientation programs that were also meant to be short training programs, but my personal experiences have not really helped me properly evaluate the benefits of a training program. Fortunately, one of my friends works as a sales associate at Apple’s...

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Apple Supply Chain Management

Question 2 In comparison to competitors, Apple assumes tight control over its supply chain on different levels including shipping and securing inventory projected according to predicted demand statistics. The inclination of apple to satisfy the customer in a “near-perfect” mode both product quality and timeliness in delivery has implied that...

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Apple’s Corporate Strategy and Porter’s Five Forces

Strictly speaking, Apple’s iconic products, iPhone and iPad, are approaching the end of their respective lifecycles. Therefore, the company is expected to present a change in its corporate strategy. However, there is no clear necessity for that change. On a macro level, Apple’s strategy is simple and ingenious. The company...

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Apple Inc.: Jobs’ Tenure vs. Cook’s tenure

Apple Inc. under Steve Jobs (Jobs) and Tim Cook (Cook) has always been a point of interest for managers and entrepreneurs in the world. After Jobs resigned as the CEO in 2011, due to pancreatic cancer that led to his demise two months later, the world all over wondered whether...

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Apple Inc. Case Study

Apple Inc. is a leader in the global technology world. Apple was able to sustain its growth in 2012 despite leading its leader Steve Jobs and the sluggish economic conditions. Tim Cook took over the leadership position and were facing many different technological challenges in the industry. The company is...

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Apple Transfer Pricing

Abstract Transfer pricing is uncommon among multinationals who aim at maximizing their profits through reduction of the amounts that they pay out to governments as taxes. In an effort to maximize their profits through tax evasion, multinationals have found themselves in a dilemma regarding the upholding of the interest of...

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Apple’s MacBook Line of Business

Introduction In the current technology industry, there is no doubt that Apple is the biggest technology company in terms of total assets and revenues. It has several lines of business with one of them being the Mac computers. There are several lines of Macs that include the MacBook, MacBook Air,...

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Apple Point of View Article

The title of the paper is “Could Apple's Latest Venture into Health IT Disrupt the Entire Industry?” This article was published on the Healthcare Informatics Magazine website (Levanthal, 2017). The focus of the article is the integration of Information Technology into matters concerning health care. My career path in business...

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Apple Company Sociocultural And Technological Analysis

There are many sociocultural factors that have a direct impact on the way Apple does business. For one, the world is becoming more connected, with more and more people using mobile devices. Cell phone use is up in all countries around the world as phones and other forms of technology...

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Apple Strategy

1. Apple’s strategy with Apple Watch is to market it as a fashion item instead of merely as a technological gadget. This makes sense because unlike their other products, which are primarily functional doodads, a watch is an item of clothing that people wear as much to look good as...

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Apple, Inc.

Apple enjoys a worldwide reputation of being one of the most widely recognized brands across it, because of its innovation, ways of revolutionizing consumer technology, and high degree of consumer loyalty and brand insistence. Under the leadership of the late Steve Jobs, Apple has released music players, personal computers, tablets,...

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