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Managing Customer’s Satisfaction of the Apple Watch

Abstract Only recently has Apple Incorporated released its unprecedented Apple Watch as its newest and most invigorating product on the IT market. The Apple Watch was designed to provide customers with a different and innovative product that would inspire intrigue and amazement. Despite the inherent differences between the Apple Watch...

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Face Recognition: iPhone

Abstract Apple is one of the market leaders in the technology industry. The company has successfully established itself as an innovative producer of high-end smartphone devices. The company recently introduced a face recognition technology in its iPhone X model to address the increasing security concerns illustrated by smartphone users. Security...

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Case Study – Apple, Inc. in 2010

Question #1 – The competitive strategy utilized by Apple stems from a strategy used by John Sculley. During the Sculley era, the company formed alliances with rivals to assist with the development of a PC that complemented other multimedia applications and increased the speed and flexibility of the Macintosh computer....

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iPhone headsets – AirPods

iPhone headsets, now christened the “AirPods” are wire-free and wireless headsets designed and produced by tech giant Apple. Inc. They were introduced into the market when Apple launched the iPhone 7. The AirPods have no wire nor do they have jack that connects to the phone; additionally, they have no...

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Wal-Mart and Apple HRM

A1. I have had part-time jobs and did go through orientation programs that were also meant to be short training programs, but my personal experiences have not really helped me properly evaluate the benefits of a training program. Fortunately, one of my friends works as a sales associate at Apple’s...

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