When one is considering one’s options for college, I have observed my peers to emphasize elements like student life activities, proximity to home, and student amenities (like coffee shops and gym facilities) in their considerations of which school to attend. While these elements certainly make a school attractive in certain ways, I realize that I won’t be in college forever, and all the Greek life events, ability to go home and do laundry, and coffee shops have little to do with what I hope to accomplish in pursuing admission to the College of Pharmacy. These elements also do not necessarily support my faith journey. One of the reasons I chose Palm Beach Atlantic is that it is a Southern Baptist-affiliated university and therefore injects that particularly faith into the its goals, mission, and vision. I am Baptist, and I appreciate the fact that the programs and activities that the university sponsors would support that faith as well. While my faith journey is necessarily focused on my relationship with Christ Jesus and God and strengthening my faith, it is also focused on living the life modeled by Christ. This means my journey is also focused on helping and supporting others, demonstrating the love that Christ has for us. My collegiate goals involve pursuing a degree in pharmacy which would also allow me to help and support others and demonstrate the love of Christ through my career in pharmacy. Since I hope to accomplish as a professional what I hope to accomplish as a Christian, the intersection of my faith journey with my collegiate goals is less of an intersection and more of an overlapping. Since in Christianity we hope to maintain the presence of God and His Son in all aspects of our lives, this overlapping is for more appropriate for my faith journey. I see attending school at Palm Beach Atlantic University as the ideal way to integrate my collegiate goals with my faith journey.

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