Graduate education is important towards acquiring advanced level knowledge and skills that is requisite for professional excellence. Towards this end, as the general manager of my own company, I am seeking admission into University of Miami Executive MBA program to acquire the knowledge, credentialing, and academic experience I need to succeed as a business leader and manager in the modern economy and business environment. The University of Miami is well-renowned for the excellent quality of education and academic experience it provides, as well as for its Executive MBA program specifically. The university is also renowned for the quality of its faculty and facilities. I consider an opportunity to study with the university invaluable as it would provide me with world-class education as well as cutting-edge skills to participate effectively in modern knowledge-based economy.
Objectively, the University of Miami’s Executive MBA program is specially designed for professionals who want to advance in their careers, moving up from their present levels. This factor that is directly relevant for me as a business owner. My business goals include expanding my company overseas, specifically looking at Latin America. With its emerging market and booming economies, the region possesses huge business potential. Thus, the insights and understanding that will be provided into the international business environment through the Executive MBA program are very relevant for me. It is important for my career that I acquire a global outlook and be equipped to meet modern business challenges. The program’s offerings of developing the negotiation, strategic thinking, and team playing skills of participants are invaluable for modern day business managers.

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Furthermore, the University’s offering of personal attention from faculty, staff and career services as well as the opportunity of immersion in a diverse learning environment is particularly suited to my career needs as a business owner. Such academic support and guidance would enable me explore courses, theories, and current practices that are directly relevant to my business. The connection between classroom learning and practical experience for me would mean a real-life connection and generation of ideas that are directly applicable for my company.

The range of electives offered and the opportunity for individualized research offered by the University of Miami’s Executive MBA program are the main factors that sets the program apart from other graduate programs for me. I am very good at team work, generating innovative ideas, as well as exploring new technologies. I believe that participating in the university’s executive MBA program will help me develop these skills even further, while positioning me to even acquire strategic knowledge and skills that will differentiate from my peers through offerings of special electives. I am particularly interested in gaining knowledge about management and management science, and expanding such knowledge through electives that will directly connect the most current thought and best practices to my area of interest. I believe that the opportunity to personalize my studies as provided by the program, with its benefits of enabling direct connections between my business and current knowledge in business management, would translate into a platform of operation and management that would uniquely different my business from other businesses, as well as enable me contribute meaningfully to the well-being of people and society as a professional, ethical and informed business leader. It is therefore with great anticipation that I apply to the University of Miami Executive MBA program.