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Coming to the U.S. from Brazil for my high school education is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It has been three years since I arrived in the U.S. but it seems a lot longer than that, given my personal growth. The U.S. already feels like...

608 words

As a person who has traveled from Somalia to the United States, I have seen degrees of war and strife which few people can understand. Living through war and coping with its internal and external damage was one of the most difficult things which I have ever done, and indeed...

690 words

A career in nursing is a lifelong commitment which requires a high level of dedication, strength, courage, and resiliency to achieve success. A life of service requires a nurse to exercise compassion, understanding, acceptance, and strength in many areas and reflects the importance of continuing education and learning to serve...

671 words

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In this application I would like to discuss why I would like to pursue a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics at this stage in my career, and my professional objectives both in the short and long term. The reason I am applying for this program at this stage...

679 words

When one is considering one’s options for college, I have observed my peers to emphasize elements like student life activities, proximity to home, and student amenities (like coffee shops and gym facilities) in their considerations of which school to attend. While these elements certainly make a school attractive in certain...

327 words

During my three year stay in Penn State University, I took five mathematic, two physics and two chemistry courses so that I could be able to enroll in Industrial Engineering. However, I did not attain the required 3.0 GPA at the end of my second year and hence I did...

397 words

No single ambition lies behind my intent to enter into the Master of Business Analytics program at Carnegie Mellon University and attain my MBAn degree. The motivation is far more complex, as my education and life experience thus far have combined to lead me to this pursuit. It may seem...

986 words

As a twin, my personal interest in the social context of genetics began almost at birth, as I experienced at first hand, every day, the social implications of my own unusual genetic history. Although my realisation of a deep-seated intellectual passion for biology came to me gradually throughout my life,...

323 words

What is a College Application Essay?

An application essay is often called a mission statement or a college admission essay. The idea of the essay is to help the admission officers know if the applying student is a good fit for their institution. The application essay is usually the first contact you have with your admission officers, and you can start on the right foot by ensuring that your application essay is properly written.

You have the opportunity to show the admission officers how well you can communicate your thoughts in writing. You are expected to be factual and logical as essays are usually the first step in assessing a prospective student. Some rules or guidelines guide writing these application essays and they must be followed for them to be effective.

How to Write a College Admission Essay

Just like every other kind of essays, the application essay also has its features. These features give structure to the essay. Following the guidelines will help you to write a very good college admission letter. Below, are some features that you should pay attention to when drafting your essay:


What structure should your essay take? You are expected to be able to pass information logically. So, it is expected that you progressively show that you understand your selected field, program and college, then introduce yourself.

It will do you much good to clearly explain what aspects of your chosen field attracted you to that field, why you chose that particular college and that particular program. To do this convincingly, it is advisable that you read about the program properly so that you can honestly pick a part of the program that especially appeals to you.

Now that you have clearly outlined your reasons for picking that field, that program and that college, the next step is to help them understand you. Remember, the letter is the medium you have to introduce yourself. Do not be verbose; you should be able to speak about yourself without the need to use so many unnecessary words. This will be the opportunity you have to show why you are a good fit for the college and why your goals and aspirations can be fulfilled in the field you have selected.

Remember, the college entrance essay is about you. You should be able to make generous use of the pronoun ‘I’. Be proud of your achievements and try to weave those achievements into your statement.

Tips on Writing The Best College Application Essays

  1. Write out a draft copy of the essay first. You may need to write many drafts until you get the best. You should give it your best.
  2. Speak with friends and families about your strengths and situations in which you have displayed those strengths. This will give you a better opinion of yourself. You can also talk with your tutors or professors in that field.
  3. Have other people proofread the essay and make comments.
  4. If the college provides help or guidelines as regards writing personal statements, be sure to make use of those privileges.
  5. Go through as many college application essay examples that are available online to sharpen your skill. Application essays are not difficult to write once you know what is expected.

Should The Essay Be Formal?

No, the essay should not be too formal; neither should it be informal to the point of disrespecting your audience. It will be great for you to have the audience engaged as you tell them about your goals. A strict formal tone will not achieve that. Be interactive, but not disrespectful.

There are a lot of college admissions essay samples available for you to study their structure. Having as much as possible will be to your benefit. You now know how to write a college application essay, however, you can find a lot of great college application essay examples on