I do request for a chance to pursue a cardiovascular perfusion program in your institution. I have received information from friends on the significance of the program especially for people with a passion for taking care of others. The information on your institute’s website has also influenced me to pursue the program. I have the desire of becoming a cardiovascular perfusionist, and thus, having the opportunity to pursue the program would be a great honor.
Through your website, I have come to learn of what is needed for students interested in pursuing the program. I also learnt of the program from colleagues when I worked as a student tutor at Flores Magon Academy between January and May 2014. I do have knowledge in cardiovascular perfusion, and I have had the opportunity to take care of the underprivileged members of the society.

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I was born in Ghazni, Afghanistan although I lost my dad later on to the Taliban. As a result, I dropped out of private school and joined a public school where I continued with my education. I can proudly confirm that I am a linguist who speaks nine languages, and this has been one of my strengths. I can relate well with people from diverse racial backgrounds. I became an interpreter while in high school. Moreover, I participated in counseling sessions that later influenced my placement in the school’s counseling office. I also had the opportunity to help the counseling office with scholarships and college applications. My involvement in counseling activities while in high school enabled me to learn more about Valedictorian interviews. After high school, I was nominated and selected as the Valedictorian of my graduating class.

I have previously worked as a night stocking agent at Kroger/King Soopers. My hard work and determination in the position played a fundamental role in my ultimate promotion to the position of store manager at the age of 20. As a store manager, I had the opportunity to speak at the State Foster Care Graduation and Project Pave’s banquet. The latter awarded me a full scholarship. I have also been a volunteer and good will ambassador. My invitation to address the House and Congress in Washington over immigration law and education, and to provide special training vouchers for orphans and foster youths, is one of my greatest achievements. The address paved the way for my appointment as a student government association representative. I have also taken part in motivational speaking that has offered me the opportunity to meet and interact with several people. In 2013, I worked as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Here, I was involved in the construction of houses for the poor in various cities and towns in the US, an opportunity that enhanced my interactional experience. Between 2013 and 2015, I worked as a volunteer at Toys for Tots, and this provided me with knowledge about children and how to care for them.

My interest is to serve the US as a cardiovascular perfusionist. As a goodwill ambassador, I have had the opportunity to tackle issues related to cardiovascular perfusion. Besides, having worked as the president for the Youth Advisory Board and of Gender and Sexuality Alliance, I am aware of the policies determining the work of cardiovascular perfusionists, and I believe this is an added advantage for my pursuance of the program. My desire is not just to heal but to unite people and play a part in the fight against violence.

I do believe that the pursuance of a cardiovascular perfusion program in your institution will help me realize my dreams. I have learned of the commitment of your institute to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and to share new knowledge related to cardiovascular perfusion around the world. My primary focus is to help and care for those around me, a responsibility I am well aware of, having served as the senator for the National Biology Honors Society. This is in line with the mission of your institute that aims at reducing the devastating toll of cardiovascular diseases through programs in education, research, and improved patient care.

Through the program, I hope to acquire vital knowledge regarding cardiovascular technology, which in the long run will help me assist patients with cardiovascular complications. I have the belief that my interactions with the public and passion in caring for those around me will be beneficial to the pursuance of the program. Given the qualifications at my disposal, I look forward to your consideration.