In this application I would like to discuss why I would like to pursue a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics at this stage in my career, and my professional objectives both in the short and long term. The reason I am applying for this program at this stage in my life, is because after having researched Business Analytics degrees, I found that NY Stern offers a program structure and self study element which fits in perfectly with my work schedule and family commitments. And also because of the vast experience I have gained in my professional life since 1993 at Eva Air which includes: consulting, management and leadership for major companies in various parts of the world. And because I intend to step up and be successful in a field that inspires me, and in which there is a huge market demand for people such as myself with a proven track record and a strong analytical ability for handling the possibilities and complexities that ‘big data’ presents in both an organizational and business scenario (University of Texas, n.d.). In addition, my professional qualifications are ideal: I graduated from the University of Lancaster England, in 1997, with a Master of Science in Information Management, and the Chinese Culture University Taiwan, in 1993, with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
I have always aspired to attain higher qualifications, and naturally I need an advanced business degree in order to fulfill my future goals of taking on cutting-edge business opportunities and offering a competitive advantage via the anticipated potential of data. Furthermore, I am fascinated by Business Analytics along with the role that evidence-based data has in decision-making and business modeling. I hold a strong interest in quantitative procedures and using data analysis for uncovering and exploring economic co-operations. My substantial work record is related to business analytics, and I have accrued a great deal of knowledge over the years. By applying to, and being accepted on this program, I intend to learn more academic theory and then utilize it in my business practice with the corresponding software technology. I think that having the training to be able to open up the anticipated possibilities of data analysis to ameliorate operational efficiency, strategic management, and financial operations (NYU Stern, n.d.), will set me in good stead for my future plans, and I intend to dedicate at least the allocated number of study hours each week to work hard and attain a first class grade (NYU Stern, n.d.).

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By pursuing the study of this program at such a prestigious university, I know that I will be able to fulfill both my long and short term objectives. My short term objectives include: attaining a deeper insight into business analytics; and in the case of business users, developing different forms of self-service analytics while leveraging the IT concern of authorization and data security; providing support for different industries by modularizing the criteria for all analytic implementation stages; elucidating the recesses of various analytical technologies that are applied on the related areas, and follow that by jointly leveraging their utilization patterns in order to validate the data analytics process streamline to cover everyone on a related level; setting up tangible pre-requirements at the time enterprise organize their next analytical solution age from the current process and infrastructure; lessen the implicated gaps between analytical tools and analytical theories; and in the case of business analytics technology, make use of soft system methods (NYU Stern, n.d.).

Fulfilling my long term objects involve confronting 20th Century business challenges in the healthcare system through: building up a proficient team of software specialists for data analytics with an acute perception on orthopedics fields; having an analytical team which specializes in healthcare analysis to ameliorate treatment procedures and quality; planning to take advantage of analytical software to help doctors simulate and visualize their accumulated medical data for orthopedic research and development on devices and surgery procedures improvement; and working on the quantification of accumulated practical experiences from orthopedic doctors to transform them into analytical procedures and modules (NYU Stern, n.d.).