Respected Sir/Madam,
I am currently working at Capco as the database administrator. To improve my skills and prepare myself for a great career in data management, I am enthusiastic to pursue my Master’s Program in Data Science and Analytics at your university. At Capco, I have gained a great deal of experience working with ETL tools including Informatica and IBM Datastage and in performing tasks such as data marts and data population. I have also had the opportunity to work at Infosys, where I have gained great skills in RDBMS, Python, and Java programming.

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In these two organizations I have learned how to manage production systems and also familiarized myself with SQL databases, business processes and actuated automations. I am confident that your master’s program in Data Science and Analytics will provide me with an opportunity to develop my analytical skills and knowledge on development of system algorithms. I am also confident that the program will give me a good chance of mastering new skills in computational methods needed in the expansion, understanding, and conversion of data into knowledge.

I will be really grateful for your consideration
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully