includes 252 different medical scheduling software platforms to choose from. Five of them are NueMD, PrognoCIS by Bizmatics, Office Practicum, Kareo, and Medio EHR .

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When making a choice as to which software will work best for a particular medical practice there are certain features which should be addressed. Firstly, the computer platform which works on is important. It the office uses only Apple products but the software only works on Microsoft platforms, then it will be incompatible and will not function at all. Then, where the software will be stored and run from is important. In today’s modern computing environment, the software can either be in the cloud, or it can be housed at the practice on a server. The size of the business needs to match the capabilities of the software. If a large company with multiple doctors and appointment types is running on software which can only support one doctor, the patients and employees will experience a disservice. Lastly, the cost is an important factor to consider. Some of the appointment scheduling software programs are extremely costly and might be above budget. Finally, getting a demo of the product is helpful in determining if it might be a good fit for the practice and the people who will be using it .

Customer support is a critical feature to consider when choosing a software. The amount of support available can be very limited to extremely available. For example, Kareo received a half star rating for customer service, whereas NueMD received 5 stars for their customer service. NueMD also includes training so that upon implementation or new employees can learn the program from experts .

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