Communication is a very essential part of life. Some of the elemental aspects of communication include the acquisition and transmission of messages. Communication enhances high levels of collaboration through facilitating networking among a group of people. Through communication, an individual can propagate the acquisition of very high relational skills in the community. There are various types of communication. The difference is as a result of the message delivered, the form of the message and the mode of delivery. In order to ensure that effective communication takes place, consideration should be given to some of the factors like the content of the message and the media that should be used to deliver the message.

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The content of the message is a very important aspect of the communication process. The content entails what the message seeks to achieve after the communication process. The content of the messages should be carefully drafted in order to aid effective delivery. Besides the content of the message, the delivery of the message should also be considered to promote the communication process.

The media of communication describes the method that is used to facilitate the communication process. Choosing the appropriate media is one of the logistical activities that should be considered before the communication process begins. There are various factors that determine the media that should be used in the communication. This includes the purpose of the message, the type of message and the audience. Strategic analysis of the audience should be undertaken to ensure that the media used facilities the achievement of the main purpose of the message. Choosing the right media can assist in acquiring the attention of the audience. This can also protect the message from distortions that may hinder the communication process.