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Hagia Sophia

The Emperor Justinian I commissioned the final and current structure in 532, inaugurating the completed Hagia Sophia in 537. First, we can draw two conclusions from the history of construction on the site of Hagia Sophia. Two prior churches stood on the site, the first in 360 and the second...

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Del Mar Plaza Tour

The Del Mar Plaza project is one of the many architectural landmarks that have enhanced the growth of the country’s economy in more ways than one. The early 1970s marked the demand for more commercial building owing to the increasing population (Hiss & AARP Organization, 2012).  Along with this came...

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Iolani Palace

A field trip to the Iolani Palace was an essential experience that made me change my comprehension of the history of the area and people living in Hawai’i because I could literally feel “a proud Hawaiian national identity” . Hawaii is typically thought of as a multicultural environment, and Iolani...

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Herbert C Oakley House 1007 North Euclid Ave

The analysis of Herbert C Oakley House in Ontario will involve the visual presentation of the Herbert C Oakley House through the common architectural designs analysis and comparison in the region. The analysis always compared against is the architectural designs commonly used in the North American regions and towns. One...

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The Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better known as the Blue Mosque, is one of the most famous historical mosques in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul, which was not only the headquarters for the Ottoman Empire until 1923, but it is also Turkey's largest city. The reason why it is often...

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Great Pyramids of Gizeh

Thomas Seddon's 13.78" x 18.5" oil on watercolor painting, Pyramids at Gizeh, painted in 1855, combines the philosophy of the Romantics, who saw beauty in peaceful pastoral landscapes, with the political nationalism of Bismarck's era. The painting shows the three pyramids of the Gizeh plain in Egypt, including the Great...

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Ancient Architecture

Throughout history, ancient cultures have formed large pyramid-like structures for many purposes. In ancient Mesopotamia the pyramids served as elevators to the gods, allowing the locals to access them more directly from their raised heights. In Mexico, the Chichen Itza archaeological site is dwarfed by a large step pyramid rumored...

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Modern Art vs Classical Art

The works of ‘The Design and Making of Stonehenge and ‘The Great Stupa at Sanchi’, are extreme examples of megalith stonework that is seen by many to be mystical and spiritual in nature given the immense complexity required for a seemingly non-technological society to engineer and fashion together the stone...

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Cathedral of Saint Michael’s in Hildesheim

Of the many different works completed under the patronage of the Frankish Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim, perhaps one of the most well-known is the Cathedral of Saint Michael’s at Hildesheim. Treasures from within this time period were on display at the Met earlier this year (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013);...

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American Monument

The list of American National Monuments can be found on a website maintained by Wm. Robert Johnston (Johnston). Of these national monuments, the Statue of Liberty may be the most famous but relatively few Americans are aware of another national monument near Statue of Liberty called Governors Island. Even though...

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Building of the Three Gorges Dam

There has to be some code of ethics, which stipulate the level of professionalism in any profession. An individual is required to meet these standards before enrollment. The definition of ethics could revolve around the datum that moral principles guide the employees to know distasteful conducts in an organization. Professional...

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Christ Church in Philadelphia

As a part of this assignment, I visited Christ Church in Philadelphia. It was founded in 1695, and played an important role in the establishment of the American Protestant Episcopal Church. As to the building itself, the church represents the Georgian architectural style. For instance, Christ church in Philadelphia reflects...

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George E. Merrick & the Development of Coral Gables

George E. Merrick has become a rather famous historical figure in the real estate development community for his contributions to the field in the United States during the 1920’s. Merrick became responsible for the planning and construction of the entire city of Coral Gables, Florida in Miami-Dade County, a city...

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Architectural Element and its Urban Context

Urbanism seeks to monitor the process through which cities and towns develop. In most cities, the architectural elements used in construction give the town originality and identity. Thisis done through unique aspects and details, which in unison create the architectural forms of structures.Additionally, architectural elements create diversity and motivate competition...

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Theme Parks

A theme park is a type of an amusement park. An amusement park is a commercially operated park that offers various forms of entertainment that includes arcade games, roller coasters, performers, souvenirs, as well as food and drinks (Tucholka and Steffanie). However, the settings and attractions of theme parks have...

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Frank O. Gehry

Considering Frank O. Gehry, it is important to indicate that he was born in Toronto; and, indisputably, the time he spent in Canada “had some remarkable quirks” (Weber). However, in 1947 he moved Los Angeles and became entirely involved into a profoundly complex framework of the U.S. society. To be...

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Professional Architects And Designers For Inspiration

Gherkin City HallThe main architect who designed the iconic Gherkin City Hall was Sir Norman Foster alongside other partners from his architectural firm. Other notable designers include Arup and Skanska who were the main engineers and main contractors respectively. The skyscraper’s construction occurred between 2001 and 2003 with an aim...

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Field Trip Reports: Hindu Temple

Our visit to the Hindu Temple gave me a whole new perspective on the practices of Hinduism and provided me the chance to see a visual representation of its many gods and learn and about their characteristics. Before starting the tour, our tour guide, Mohan, greeted us with a traditional...

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American Artifact: Saint Luke’s Church

Cultures are an integral part of every society since they indicate how people function, perceive their environments, and apply their creativity to express themselves. Although it sounds simplistic, cultures are complex organisms that influence belief, knowledge, art, morals, customs, and laws that influence habits and capabilities acquired by specific members...

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Art History: History of Greek & Roman Art and Architecture

As long as the life of Ancient Greeks was inseparable from their religious beliefs, the whole body of their culture was based on mythology. Both Greek art and architecture were expected to be informative and inspiring. As Greek Civilization flourished, its artists depicted scenes from epic poems and legends in...

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