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Hagia Sophia

The Emperor Justinian I commissioned the final and current structure in 532, inaugurating the completed Hagia Sophia in 537. First, we can draw two conclusions from the history of construction on the site of Hagia Sophia. Two prior churches stood on the site, the first in 360 and the second...

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Del Mar Plaza Tour

The Del Mar Plaza project is one of the many architectural landmarks that have enhanced the growth of the country’s economy in more ways than one. The early 1970s marked the demand for more commercial building owing to the increasing population (Hiss & AARP Organization, 2012).  Along with this came...

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Iolani Palace

A field trip to the Iolani Palace was an essential experience that made me change my comprehension of the history of the area and people living in Hawai’i because I could literally feel “a proud Hawaiian national identity” . Hawaii is typically thought of as a multicultural environment, and Iolani...

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Herbert C Oakley House 1007 North Euclid Ave

The analysis of Herbert C Oakley House in Ontario will involve the visual presentation of the Herbert C Oakley House through the common architectural designs analysis and comparison in the region. The analysis always compared against is the architectural designs commonly used in the North American regions and towns. One...

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The Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better known as the Blue Mosque, is one of the most famous historical mosques in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul, which was not only the headquarters for the Ottoman Empire until 1923, but it is also Turkey's largest city. The reason why it is often...

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