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Greek and Roman Architecture

Ancient Greek architecture is characterised by its focus on logic and order, which prioritised function over decoration, and which used mathematical principles in the design of the aesthetic decorative elements. One of the most interesting effects of this unified logical approach to architectural design is that it produced a style...

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Le Corbusier Works And Furniture Design

The research paper focuses on ‘Pavillon L’Esprit Nouveau’ as a quintessence of Le Corbusier conceptualization of modern architecture and design. The great master and father of modernism proved the efficiency of simplicity, functionality, spaciousness, fluidity, beauty and free movement in a living space. Today, Corbusier’s approach serves as fundamental guideline...

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Gamble House

The Gamble House was designed in the first decade of the 20th century by famous architects Greene and Greene. The Gamble House is an epitome of craftsman architecture that preserves original furnishings as the fore-architects engineered them. Daily tours to this Arts and Crafts home vary with the last one...

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Immateriality in Architecture

There is often a difference between the architectural theory and practice. The theory incorporates elements of abstraction, immateriality, and virtuality (Mori, 2012). However, architectural practice remains deeply rooted in the material properties. On its part, immateriality in architecture deals with the reduction of both the physical and immaterial worlds. It...

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Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library (BPL) is recognized as one of the free municipal libraries in the US. Although the library was expected to be established in 1848, it was not constructed until 1852 ordinance (BPL par 1). It was opened in 1954 when it had a collection of 138 periodicals. It...

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