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Sydney Opera House

During the nineteenth century, the opera event started in Australia. The reason behind the opera event was due to the introduction of the semi-operas to the theatres that were owned by the colonial powers in Australia (Aitchison 309). During the colonial period, various renowned music oriented people started building theatres...

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History of Prisons

One of the most controversial social institutions in terms of both necessity and the proper management of the system is that of the prison system. Nearly every civilization that has been documented throughout history has had some form of a penal system out of necessity as the laws began to...

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History of Architecture

Summary of Research The building selected for this assignment is Sultan Han Caravanserei, Kayseri. It is an Islamic building located in Turkey. The fortified structure of the building was built during the 13th century by a renowned Syrian architect. Sultan Han Caravanserei was destroyed by a fire, but its restoration...

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Architecture and Dancing

The purpose of this paper is to write about my visit to the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design on Monument Avenue at North Davis Avenue, Richmond VA, when I went to see the special visiting exhibit entitled: “Ballet Pas de Deux: An Exhibition of Dance and Architecture.” This event...

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