The contemporary society is operating in techno era where mobile phones are assumed to be such an essential tool in people’s life. A single channeled, but a two-way radio device that is low in power referred to as cell phone has gained significant importance (Thaijiam et al. 1). They are highly regarded for the ease they have contributed in our daily lives. Cell phones are vastly utilized in conducting transactions such as electronic gateway payments, the commercial transaction as well as banking (Thaijiam et al. 1). Yet, as the commerce is shifting to the E-commerce to M-commerce, it is anticipated that cell phones will be even more fundamental. Unfortunately, the constant people’s companion is well known to emit electromagnetic radiations (EMR) that are very harmful to the health of the user. This paper will evaluate some of the adverse health effects of cell phone’ emitted EMR.

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As the evolution of mobile phone ensues and users expected to increase, we are burdened with the responsibility of educating our society regarding the risks confronted to us by phones. Consequently, the electro-smog will boom as well (Kim et al. 1). The link between cell phone EMR and cancer and tumor development, among other effects, has been substantiated significantly. The microwave smog leads to DNA damage while inhibiting body DNA repair which acts as an initial step towards cancer development. Exposure to the cellular frequencies contributes to a great extent, the brain tumor development (Kim et al. 3). Additionally, cell phone EMR also contributes to meningiomas, gliomas, salivary gland cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia, and acoustic neuromas (Makker et al. 151).

However, the duration of cellphone usage coupled with the age of the users significantly determines the degree of the EMR effects. More vulnerability has been linked to the young people than to elderly (Kim et al.7). This increased risk in young is related to the fact that, their thinner, softer, and smaller skulls which enhances the quick penetration of the cell phone EMR (Kim et al. 7). Additionally, their brains are still developing when conjoined with their soft brain tissues that absorb waves faster; the microwaves smoothly move to the midbrain causing more fatal tumors. The young also lack well developed immune system (Bhat 55). The young people like school students, who display an excessive obsession with the device, are in increased danger of developing cancers in the near future.

The prolonged and excessive use of cell phone has been associated to be a major contributing factor to the increasing hearing problems and even loss. When the cell phones are placed next to the ears (which is common) while communicating, exposes the acoustic nerves to microwaves (Kim et al. 6). Upon exposure, the acoustic nerves, which are responsible for controlling the gearing process in human, results in the growth of acoustic neuromas. The developed Tumor consequently impairs hearing system (Thaijiam et al. 2). According to Kim et al. (20), exposing self to cell phone waves for just two hours is sufficient to affect human memory and cerebral performance. Additionally, their research found that neuro damage by the cell phone EMR leads to the delayed neurotransmission of information via central auditory pathways (Kim et al.220).

The EMR also affects people’s cognitive behaviors which give rise to insomnia among many. Via impairment of the nerve cells and their mitochondria, even more, the ability of the body to generate energy is compromised. This impairs the brain acutely, affecting its ability to reach deep and Delta-rhythm sleep that is fundamental for efficient cell repair (Bhat 54; Makker et al.150). Even worse, microwaves also contribute to Alzheimer’s diseases, dementia, heart diseases, increased resting blood pressure, and impairment of the body immunity (Makker et al. 149).

The EMR has been investigated and the link between the cell phone waves and the autism disorder. The microwaves usually inhibit the excretion ability of the cells in clearing the toxins such as heavy metals from the body. The reduced excretory ability of the cells is reported to augment the autism onset (Thaijiam et al. 2). The autistic people exhibit methylation difficulties which increase with increased exposure of these people to the EMR. However, reduced exposure has been reported to improve the ability of the autistic patient’s to excrete heavy metals.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phone presents users with an increased risk of infertility. Frequent and prolonged use of cell phones produce both thermal and non-thermal effects on people (Bhat 53; Makker et al. 151). The phones are mostly held near the groin when surfing internet, texting or gaming. Besides, the phones are also put in the front pocket of the pants when not in use (Kim et al. 7). These set of activities increases the vulnerability of the groins’ exposure to the electromagnetic waves emitted by the cell phones (Bhat 54). As a result, the hormonal milieu and testicular micro-environment that are essential for the production of sperms are altered.

Thermally, the seminiferous tubular epithelium is affected, translating to increased testicular temperature (Makker et al. 151). The cell phone emitted waves further affect the men’s fertility by decreasing the sperm count, reduced sperm mobility, damage sperm cell mitochondrial DNA, and alteration of normal function-ability of the cell membrane (Bhat 55,56). Even more, a common habit of men and boys of placing phones in pants’ pockets, contributes to testicular cancers. The cell phone radiations alter the normal hormonal production by the body such as follicle stimulating hormones (Bhat 55; Makker 150).

In conclusion, it is plentifully investigated and confirmed that mobile and cell phones present many health risks. So, as we embrace technology, as we listen with amusement and swayed by new techno-inventions, prudent it would be to listen to untold part of the story which concerns us most. It will not be unthoughtful to rest the matter on the point that cell phones are detrimental in all sphere of life, from economic, social and most importantly to health.

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