In the contemporary world, the issue of arranged marriages seems to be completely barbaric and obsolete. It is possible to imagine arranged marriages as a violent tradition that limits the rights and freedom of many females, especially when it comes to the cases of such countries as India or Pakistan, along with many countries of the Middle East. The majority of people think that such a tradition is very cruel and it has to be completely eliminated in modern times. Yet, after reading some articles that feature the first-hand accounts of the women whose family life started with arranged marriages, it is possible to completely change one’s opinion.

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For example, referring to the article that was published in BBC in 2018, it becomes clear that the issue of arranged marriages has received a too negative image that has little in common with reality. Nashra Balagamwala from Pakistan notes that in fact, many people confuse the concept of arranged marriages forced marriages. She notes that the majority of humans think that arranged marriages are interlinked with honor killings and acid attacks (Balagamwala n.p.). Yet, in reality, it is not the case because girls have the option to deny the opinion of their relatives. From her explanations, it is possible to understand that arranged marriages are the sign of respect to the older generations. Also, arranged marriages contribute to the context of the traditional culture of the countries of the East. It is apparent that due to arranged marriages, families can seek partners for the young women who would provide them with support and financial stability.

Overall, it is possible to claim that as a controversial issue, arranged marriage still has a lot of positive sides. Even though it is true that it might be seen as a matter of oppression, arranged marriage is the sign of a rational choice that is made not my inexperienced adolescents, but by their parents who can make their predictions about the future of the married couple. It is clear that arranged marriages can be treated as an issue that is also linked with many benefits, ensuring the greater stability of the family life.

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